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Lamborghini Gallardo in horrible condition


Advertised as “Terrific Condition” Lamborghini Gallardo Turns out to be Junk

A guy bought a Lamborghini Gallardo advertised by the dealership to be in “terrific condition” turns out to be a pile of junk. The person bought the car was clearly not impressed with what he got and we hope some sort of action is taken against the dealership.

The owner made this video detailing the cosmetic issues with the car. First and foremost, who thought green brake calipers were a great idea? Also, the car was not cleaned before delivery, as if last moment repairs were carried out on it.

The paint on the $85,000 Lamborghini Gallardo is no where near perfect. The matte finish wrap is peeling off in places and bits from the bodywork are missing. The wheels and tires are in terrible condition with curb rash clearly visible. Furthermore, the rear tires are completely shot.

“Terrific Condition” Lamborghini Gallardo turns out to be Junk:

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