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A McLaren F1 replacement windshield costs $33,000!

The McLaren F1 is not just an expensive car to own, but maintaining one can be a costly affair. According to Motor1, a replacement windshield for the hypercar can set you back $33,000!

The report states that the windshield itself costs $25,000, while the cost of installation is another $8,000. One of the reasons for the eye-watering price is the fact that McLaren only has a small stock of original replacement windshields for the F1. That being said, the carmaker does plan to replenish its inventory in the near future.

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Seldom do we get to hear about hypercar spare part costs. A few years ago, we had reported that a set of tires for a McLaren F1 cost $7,000, but the total bill for replacing all four tires can come to $50,000.

Source: Motor1

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