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Lotus Eletre SUV


905 HP All-electric Lotus Eletre put through the paces

The race for the SUV market has widened and almost all car makers are looking at offering one in their respective segments. This includes the likes of the Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and even Ferrari. So, why should Lotus be left out? Hence, the team at Lotus asked this exact same question which resulted in the creation of the Eletre. This all-electric SUV from the British company looks to offer high performance, a tall seating position as well as performance that can even beat a supercar’s acceleration.

Lotus Eletre : Performance test

Mat Watson of Carwow has just released a video of this electric SUV. The test car comes with a dual motor setup in the top-of-the-line R trim. This particular configuration has a total power output of 905 HP and 726 lb-ft. of torque. Watson proceeds ahead to put the Eletre under various tests.

First up, Watson checked the SUV’s 0-60 mph timing. The Eletre managed to clock 3.06 seconds. Then it went on to cross the 100 mph mark in 6.33 seconds and completed the 1/4th mile in 10.82 seconds. Do note that this wasn’t the best attempt of the car as the start was slightly unsettling on the rear.

In the seconds run, the Lotus Eletre bettered the previous timings. The 0-60 mph mark was done in 2.99 seconds with the 100 mph coming in at 6.28 seconds. Meanwhile, the SUV wrapped up the quarter mile in 10.78 seconds.

Do note that his Eletre is a is a pre-production model and not the final production version. For the final iteration of the Eletre, the company has claimed a 2.95 second time for 0-60 mph.

Lotus Eletre : Dimensions vs performance

As with all electric cars, the Eletre too weighs in quite a bit. Not to mention, our readers will be shocked to know that the car tips the scale at 4,410 pounds. Now, the sub 3 seconds 0-60 mph time seems pretty impressive. Further, the dimensions of the car read as 5,103 mm long and 2,231 mm wide with 23-inch wheels.

That said with the rising popularity of SUVs, the Eletre should be able to manage decent sales which could in turn revive the other projects in the Lotus plant. Currently, Geely owns the British marque brand.

Source – Carwow / Youtube

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