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Roush Mustang GT Stage 2 by Carlex Design-1


727HP Roush Mustang GT Stage 2 by Carlex Design

Carlex Design recently reached out to us and shared their latest creation- A Ferrari F12 Berlinetta with a custom interior to suit the sporty character of the V12 machine.

This time they have another of their creations to share with world. It’s a Roush Mustang GT with Stage 2 kit. That performance kit I just mentioned gives it 727 hp. That’s almost as much as the Ferrari F12.

Roush Mustang GT Stage 2 by Carlex Design-3

As far as customizations are concerned, this time they’ve gone with a rather bold look. Even they themselves think it’s a bit too loud.

“The design was meant to be bold and expressive. The final effect might look slightly too aggressive for some, but that was just the idea,” they said in the press release. It certainly does activate our neurons!

Roush Mustang GT Stage 2 by Carlex Design-7

The Roush Mustang GT itself has enough potential to get your pulse racing. The 5.0-liter V8 gets a Roush R2300 supercharger which develops 727 hp. Looks like the owner of this Roush Mustang certainly prefers ‘loud’ cars.

Roush Mustang GT by Carlex Design image gallery:

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