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700hp VW Golf R vs Lamborghini Huracan


700hp VW Golf R Races Lamborghini Huracan and Wins

700hp VW Golf R vs Lamborghini Huracan

Here is an average shopping cart built by the Germans. It is a VW Golf R that costs just over $37,000. It has four seats, a capacious boot and an understated 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The sportiest bit on this car- apart from the “sports suspension” and 18-inch wheels is the ‘R’ badge. It also has four-wheel drive, which means it won’t slither around if you are in a mood for fun.

All of the aforementioned traits of the VW Golf R are lost once you arrive at HGP- a bunch of German tuning specialists. The 2.0-liter four-pot turbo with a puny 270 hp is thrown away and replaced with a 3.6-liter engine from a Passat. Add to that, 2 turbochargers and you have an engine that makes 700 hp. The stock six-speed automatic transmission proves no good for all that horsepower and hence, it is replaced with a unit from an Audi RS3.

Click here for an old video of this 700hp VW Golf R

Acceleration is pretty brisk. 0-100 is over in under 3.5 sec. That’s supercar quick. A point proven in the following video as the 700hp VW Golf R takes on a 610 hp Lamborghini Huracan. This tiny hatchback has even made mincemeat of a Nissan GT-R in the past and if you look at it- the exterior and interior is left totally stock. This thing can do speeds in excess of 200 mph and leaves million dollar supercars for dead.

700hp VW Golf R vs Lamborghini Huracan:

Source: Dragtimesinfo via Youtube

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