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700 hp VW Golf R sleeper


700 hp Twin Turbo VW Golf R is a pocket rocket

700 hp VW Golf R sleeper

700 hp VW Golf R sleeper

Talking of sleeper cars, this Mk6 Volkswagen Golf R would perhaps pass the test for the most unassuming hatchback on the road, except that the bodyshell wraps around a 700 hp twin-turbocharged engine. That coupled with all-wheel drive grip, the high-performance Golf R is capable of making an average supercar owner ashamed of himself.

This video posted on DragTimesInfo shows how quickly the tiny Golf launches off the line beating even a Lamborghini Gallardo and a rear-wheel drive BMW M6 that stands no chance. The 700 hp pocket rocket also demolishes a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG to the quarter mile and onwards to the standing kilometer.

VW Golf R Mk6 vs Lambo Gallardo, BMW M6, Merc CLS63 AMG:

Source: DragTimesInfo via Youtube

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