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5 easy ways to increase the resale value of your car

The greater the resale value you receive for your vehicle, the lower the depreciation value of the vehicle. This also means that you get a quicker return on your investment. That’s why before you sell car in Sharjah; take a look at these 5 easy tricks and tips to boost the resale value of your car.

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A well-maintained vehicle demands a higher resale value. It is not something you can skimp on and make up for in the last minute, but it is nurturing and taking care of the car over the course of the whole ownership period. This decides the condition and price of your vehicle when you want to sell car in Abu Dhabi. You can opt to flush the engine and clean before selling the vehicle. Remember that certain components are prone to wear and tear and need to be replaced at regular intervals. Another pivotal factor is maintaining the service history of your vehicle. Used vehicles with a complete service record are known to fetch more money.

car wax-polish-detailing

Wax & shine

Even though you might not be offering a pristine condition car to a buyer, buffing it with wax polish and shine will certainly give the car a new life. The buyer would obviously like to buy a car that looks like it’s new even if it is not brand new. Get your vehicle treated by a vehicle care experience. They will transform and tend to the car by cleaning small gaps, tar marks, plastic components but that could end up being a tad expensive. You can also wax the car on your own with premium quality wax to cut costs.
Bear in mind that all the polishing and waxing in the world may never get back the original colour and sheen, but at least it gives the seller something to use towards his own advantage.

Pro tip: When washing your vehicle, experts advise against the use of household detergents, like dish soap. To preserve the car’s luxurious finish, use products that were created for the sole purpose of cleaning the car.

Also clean the engine bay prior to showing the vehicle to the prospective buyer. Check for fuel and/or oil leaks from the engine which require immediate assistance/replacement.

Clean the headlights

Nothing screams “worn out beater” like dingy, yellow headlights. The headlights of older vehicles can get foggy over time, giving a dull appearance to the vehicle. There are various headlight cleaning kits in the market with instructions to remove the grime from the headlights and give it a fresh, new look. A cheap trick is to wipe toothpaste on the headlights using a soft cloth. You can also use polish later to shine the lens of the headlight. You can also have them polished by a trained professional at a reasonable price.

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Clean the interiors

A thorough clean up of the cabin is of prime importance. You can vacuum the interiors of the vehicle. Clean the seats, floor mats, carpet, window glass. Make sure to clean the AC vents, the various switches and control panels.

Replace inexpensive spares

Inexpensive spare parts or components like brake pads, wipers, and interior lights, should be replaced before selling the car. This will not only take away from the age of the car, whilst giving the car a refreshing look in and out. Certain components will also aid the car to perform better, whilst components such as lights show that all wirings are in the working order. Also, tighten any loose interior components or plastics that would have loosened over time. Minor dings, scratches and blemishes should also be taken care of, whilst getting the vehicle prepared for selling. This would fetch a better price for the same car.

It also greatly reflects on the owner’s ability to maintain the vehicle whilst ensuring a periodic service record.

Make sure that the amount that is spent on refurbishing the vehicle is reclaimed when the vehicle in question is sold in the end.

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