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Saleen S7 dyno run


2200 hp Saleen S7 Visits the Dyno

Saleen S7 dyno run

Watch the following video with your speaker volume turned up. Why? Well, it is a Saleen S7 after all. The Saleen S7 is rare supercar and rarely have we mentioned it here on

It started life in the UK where it was designed and developed along with Steve Saleen. The stock version used a 7.0-liter Ford V8 with a measly 550 hp. Later iterations got a twin-turbo upgrade and 750 hp as a result. The Saleen S7 was among the fastest supercars on the planet and is still considered one of the quickest. It is among the few hypercars that can reach a top speed of 400 km/hr.

The car featured in the video below is a completely modified version with massive turbochargers and all-wheel drive. With 25 psi of boost, this S7 is making 2200 hp at the wheels. The dyno certainly has its work cut out.

2200 hp Saleen S7 visits the dyno:

Source: totalrace via Youtube

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