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2024 Nissan GT-R to get Sports Resetting Nismo upgrade

Nissan’s inhouse tuner Nismo is always finding ways to get more power and performance out of the GT-R. For the 2024 model year cars, the R35 GT-R will now come with “Sports Resetting” Type-1 and Type-2 packages. These will also be compatible with older cars. The Type-1 is for the more performance oriented version while the latter will work with regular cars. Notably, the current generation car has been around since 2007,

Type-1 package for the Nissan GT-R : More Details

For the 2024 Nissan GT-R, the Type-1 pack will alter the speed limiter. Nissan has officially said that the speed limiter has been modified for the purpose of avoiding danger due to speed difference when driving on the circuit. This will set back owners of the car by US$ 2,230. This upgrade will entail a new engine control module which is compatible with 2017-2024 GT-Rs. Further, the MY2015 cars will come with a new transmission control module as well. Based on the exact model, pricing will vary.

Type-2 package for the Nissan GT-R : More Details

The other package is the Type-2. This will enable extra torque in the low and medium speed range. This in turn will result in a better acceleration. Available for the 2009-2024 models, Nismo will give new ECM and TCM modules. The tuner will also revise the boost pressure and recalibrate the gearbox for faster changes. The price of this kit is US$ 2,600.

Finally, there is also a Type-3 kit available for 2007-2009 cars. This gets all the upgrades of the Type-2 along with a retuned engine. This is priced at US$ 2,500 or US$ 1,650 if you already have the Type-2 installed.

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