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Bugatti Atlantic-2019 Geneva Motor Show


2019 Geneva Motor Show: Bugatti Atlantic Reaches Palexpo

Bugatti is all set to reveal a modern Type 57SC Atlantic at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The car arrived at the Palexpo convention center today and it didn’t go unsnapped by Instagram user Sellerie Cimes. The car was well protected with covers but a number of bits about the car’s design can still be made out from the picture.

Just like the original Atlantic, the car seems to be stretched, more than the Chiron or the Veyron. The Type 57 Atlantic had its engine at the front but it’s hard to imagine the Chiron’s W16 sitting on the covered car’s short front end. We can also spot a large rear diffuser and the bespoke wheel design through the lifted veil at the rear.

Bugatti has already confirmed that the modern Atlantic will be a one-off. Four original Type 57 Atlantics were built but only three survive today. The last car, one belonging to Jean Bugatti himself has been missing since World War II. By building a new one-off Atlantic, Bugatti is probably attempting to fulfill the original production run.

The last time a Type 57 Atlantic was sold, it went for $40 million. Rumors suggest that the modern incarnation of the car could cost $20 million, making it the cheapest car with the Atlantic badge to date.

The car will be revealed at Bugatti’s press conference tomorrow. Stay tuned to The Supercar Blog as we bring you the latest and the greatest from the Palexpo.

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