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2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R in Designo Diamond White For Sale

2018 looks set to be an incredible year for supercars with a number of fantastic models hitting the roads. There will be a wide choice of amazing new automobiles to consider, including some of the fastest, most stylish and luxurious cars available. One brand who could steal the show is Mercedes with their spectacular 2018 AMG GT R. This  incredible car is likely to be the people’s choice for 2018 and it is very easy to see why.

New & Improved

This incredibly desirable and stylish coupe builds on the success of previous models but improves in practically every area to make it a stunning automobile that is packed with motorsport technology. It boasts remarkable track ability and many claim that this is the vehicle that will finally give the Porsche 911 GT3 a serious run for its money.


As you would expect with any Mercedes automobile, the new AMG GT R is a beautiful car that will appeal to any luxury car enthusiast. One of the most notable aspects of its design is the enormous “Panamericana” grille, which gives it real character. It also features a carbon fibre wing and it is much lower and wider than its predecessor. The vehicle has been dubbed “The Beast of Green Hell” due to its astonishing performance and the fact that it has been heavily marketed in a unique but alluring green skin.


Although it is lighter, the AMG GT R still features a comfortable interior with bucket seats and a luxurious cabin. Visibility is good and the well thought out dash with a large central screen helps for a smooth and enjoyable driving experience where you can easily control various functions.


The car is sure to turn heads, but blink and you will miss it as its performance is blistering. It is lighter, more powerful and offers superior grip and this has been achieved through new forged wheels, a lithium iron battery, lightweight seats and carbon fibre structural parts. It is also lower and wider than before, giving it a more aggressive feel whilst being glued to the track.

The result of all of this is a 0-62 time of a mere 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 198 mph with 585 bhp (up from 510). The V8 engine has an almighty roar which could well be the best on the market and the rear wheels are driven by the quick-shifting seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT R is likely to have a very successful year and it could quickly become the number one supercar on the market. As you would expect, the price-tag is high but you may be able to find it second-hand and for more affordable prices from places like Romans International.

The Beast of Green Hell certainly packs quite a punch and has the attractive yet unique looks to match, so it is easy to see it contending with iconic supercars like the Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

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