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Geneva Motor Show

2018 Geneva Motor Show: Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra Concept

Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra Concept is basically a Supra MkV for the race track.

We still don’t have the new Supra here yet but launch of the revived Toyota sports car gets closer as the company presents a new concept detailing the design and powertrain at the Geneva Motor Show. The Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra Concept gives us our first look at what the next generation of the famed sports car will look like.

Tetsuya Tada, Toyota’s chief engineer has revealed some important details about the new Supra. He was speaking with AutoBlog on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show.

We are happy to hear that the Supra will retain a turbocharged inline-6, as Tada rightfully argues that a Supra without an inline-6 is no Supra. To purists’ delight, Tada also made it clear that the revived car will be easy to tune –  one element that made the original car so famous.

Not all is looking good for Supra fans though. As with the history of every famous car that got revived, there are things that fans of the original car will find disappointing. Here, unlike the original Supra, the new car won’t come with a manual transmission. Instead, the Supra is likely to come with a ZF eight-speed automatic or possibly a dual clutch. Other details include absence of a transaxle, a perfect 50:50 weight distribution and lower center of gravity compared to the GT-86.

There is no word on when the Supra will eventually hit the market but the development is possibly at its final stages considering the length of time we have been seeing the spy shots of the car. We are waiting to see how the partnership with BMW turns out and if the revived car is worthy of the Supra badge.

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