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2017 Ford GT Already Put up for Sale by Some Owners

The deliveries of the 2017 Ford GT have only just begun and already some owners are trying to flip their supercars for a profit. It’s quite shocking especially since these are the individuals who Ford themselves chose to own one the new Ford GTs after a much hyped application process.

Rob Ferretti of Gotham Dream Cars got a call from an owner of a 2017 Ford GT recently. The individual was offering his supercar for over sticker. The exact quoted price is not clear but it seems the owner wanted $700,000 for his 2017 Ford GT with showroom miles.

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This clearly shows that despite Ford’s utmost effort, some GTs will land up in the hands of people trying to make a quick buck out of it. On the contrary, there will be people who would really enjoy their supercars to the fullest and share their experiences with the world.

In the following video, Rob talks about why the new Ford GT would rarely sell for over sticker price. At about 5 minutes into the video, he plays out the call he received from the person trying to sell his 2017 Ford GT.

2017 Ford GT already up for sale:

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