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2016 Geneva Motor Show: Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limo by Mulliner

At first glance, you might think it’s just concept. But, that’s not true. This bespoke Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limo is actually a customer car built to order by the famous coach builders at Mulliner. It is a one-off Bentley limousine that can seat six in utmost luxury.

The 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limo features various unique features that you won’t find on an ordinary Mulsanne. First of all, the car was hand crafted. Everything from the shiny metal work to the plush interior took a skilled hand of Mulliner’s best craftsmen hours even weeks to complete.

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The Mulsanne Grand Limo is three feet longer than the standard car. This was achieved by extending the wheel base in order to add more space to the rear compartment. A rear facing second row of seats was added so that four people can travel in Bentley’s finest luxury limousine. The cabin is wrapped in plush leather and grain matched veneer polished to a perfect shine. A special climate control system was developed for this particular car.

The Grand Limo is wrapped in a dual tone Moroccan Blue and Silver Frost paint. 21 inch wheels matching the exterior paintwork fill up the wheel wells and it all looks rather splendid.

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