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Ford Focus RS


2016 Ford Focus RS: The Full Story

Ford Focus RS

Ford unveiled the new Focus RS at the Detroit Motor Show. Since that day, our Ford Focus RS story has received the most number of hits every single day. That shows how much you- our readers are interested in the car. If you still haven’t read our descriptive launch article then please follow the link. You can find more videos and official images with all the specifications and tech that makes it a truly special Focus.

When XCARFilms came up with a video featuring the two previous generations of the Focus RS, I thought I would include it in the popular launch article. But, then I thought, the Ford Focus RS deserves more than that and it would be apt to highlight the blue monster in more such articles. Also, hats off to XCAR for this wonderful video detailing the evolution of the Ford Focus RS.

Jamal Hameedi, Chief engineer of the new Focus RS explained how “Drift” mode on the car works. “It works in conjunction with the ESC system,” he said. “It knows how fast the car is yawing and what you’re doing to catch it. The more you stay ahead of the car, the more the system will let you rotate the car. But if the computer sees you falling behind, your steering inputs not keeping up with the yaw rate, then it steps in and rescues you. We’d say it’s an excellent teaching tool to help develop your skills—it works with you, not against you.”

2016 Ford Focus RS: The Full Story

Source: XCARFilms via Youtube

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