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2016 F1 Champ Nico Rosberg Retires from Formula 1

2016 Formula 1 world champion has shocked world by announcing his retirement from the sport. Nico Rosberg was crowned champion following the Abu Dhabi grand prix last weekend. The 31 year old German driver’s illustrious career included 206 entries, out of which Rosberg has won 23 races and has finished on the podium 57 times.

A career spanning 10 years, Nico Rosberg leaves the sport on a high note. After announcing his retirement, Rosberg said,

“For me it is a very special day to receive the trophy this evening is going to be amazing but for another reason: I want to take the opportunity to announce to end F1 career. It has been every since I started since six-year old I had a clear dream. That was to become F1 world champion and it was very clear in my mind, whatever I could think, I have achieved it, put everything into it and put everything into it, help of fans, managed to achieve it. I will remember forever.”

“My mum has never ever seen a race of mine because she’s so scared, so she came right after the finish, and of course it was unbelievably emotional when she found out I had won. We were both crying our eyes out.”

He added: “Now comes a period which is more intense than ever, because there’s not a day of relaxing for the next two or three weeks, which will be pretty crazy. And then relaxing for me is going home, going to see my wife and my daughter, going on the promenade and things like that – that’s the most wonderful thing for me at the moment.”

Nico Rosberg- son of ex-Formula 1 world champion Keke Rosberg will be sorely missed from the sport. He kicked off his F1 career with Williams back in 2006 and moved to Mercedes-AMG Petronas in 2010. Rosberg’s decision comes as a shock as his contract with the German team had recently been extended till 2018.

Here’s how some of them reacted to Nico’s decision.


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