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2016 Camaro Z28 crashed at Nurburgring


2016 Camaro Z/28 Crashed at the Nurburgring

2016 Camaro Z28 crashed at Nurburgring

Today, a pre-production prototype of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 crashed at the Nurburgring. The high-performance muscle car is currently being tested and tweaked at the German racetrack. The driver seems to have misjudged the corner and locked up in the process. The Z/28 hit the right hand side barrier hard, perhaps resulting in a broken steering.

Spy shots of the prototype were all over the internet just yesterday revealing a very aggressive looking Camaro unlike any other model currently on offer. The upcoming Camaro Z/28 is gunning for the Ford Mustang GT350 and is expected to pack some serious performance.

2016 Camaro Z28 crashed at Nurburgring-1

Although, no official details are available at the moment, we do expect the Z/28 to use the same small-block LT4 V8 as the Camaro ZL1 but in a higher state of tune. A sub-4 sec 0-60 mph sprint time seems quite possible with so much beef under the hood. Chevrolet engineers have also gone to town with aerodynamics as the Z/28 boasts a large rear spoiler, a wide front bumper with massive air intakes and guide vanes.

2016 Camaro Z/28 crashed at the Nurburgring:

Source: GTB Photography

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