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Acura NSX at the Nurburgring


2016 Acura NSX Blasts around the Nurburgring

Acura NSX at the Nurburgring

Petrolheads from around the world will soon be treated to a new Acura NSX. Hailed one of the modern classics, the NSX was Honda’s first attempt at making a mid-engine supercar. In the end it turned out to be a great car, so much so that used NSX prices are skyrocketing. That said, Honda is building a replacement for the original- one that has already been certified by Iron Man himself.

Acura is currently making final adjustments to the upcoming NSX. In today’s environment a high performance car isn’t worthy of praise without a respectable Nurburgring lap time. While, Acura could be fine tuning the handling and suspension on the NSX, we could expect it to set a quick lap time ahead of its launch.

In the meantime you can drool over a completely undisguised Acura NSX lapping the Nurburgring. The engine seems to make a great sound as well.

2016 Acura NSX blasts around the Nurburgring:

Source: cvdzijden via Youtube

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