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Lamborghini Huracan-Italy-crash


200 mph Lamborghini Huracan joyride ends in a crash

A Lamborghini Huracan EVO was completely destroyed in an accident that recently took place in Italy. The car caught fire prior to the crash and burnt to a crisp.

The accident is said to have taken place on a highway in Avellino. A video shot prior to the crash, doing rounds on social media, shows two individuals driving the Huracan at 200 mph on an open stretch of highway. The video then cuts to show the aftermath of the crash.

The car appears to be slowing down before the video cuts out, which suggests, the initial impact was at a lower speed. However, you can see some flames underneath the car in one of the images, which turns into an inferno momentarily.

Fortunately, both occupants were able to walk away from the crash unhurt. All that remains of the car are the metal frames of the seats and the wheels.

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