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1000 HP Ford GT track cars up for grabs; Limited to 30 units

The 2005 Ford GT was a homage to the iconic GT40 that won Le Mans four times on the trot. The Ford GT GT1 race cars developed by Switzerland-based Matech Concepts went on to race in the FIA GT1 World Championship.

The company had 30 unfinished race chassis left after the ‘GT1’ class was discontinued. For the last 15 years, these have been stored in climate-controlled warehouses by Ford Performance.

Ford GT GT1 track-car-1


A company in Michigan has acquired the last 30 remaining chassis of the first-gen Ford GT to produce bespoke race cars. The GT1 track cars come with full carbon fiber bodywork and an aero package.

Under the skin is a 5.2-liter, twin-turbo V8 race engine that is capable of producing over 1000 hp. It comes paired with a sequential gearbox with paddle shifters. The cars also come with a titanium exhaust, unique intercooled intake manifold, AP Racing brakes and Michelin Pilot Sport slick tires.

The GT1 track car comes equipped with a full roll cage, a carbon fibre seat with an optional passenger seat, a bespoke carbon dashboard and a carbon fibre racing wheel.

Two cars will be on display at Motor Bella and the American Speed Festival.

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