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The 13 Hotel, Macau Commissions 30 Rolls Royce Phantoms

If you still haven’t received the keys to your Rolls Royce, it’s probably because Goodwood has been busy putting together 30 bespoke Rolls Royce Phantoms for ‘The 13 Hotel’ set to open on Macau.

The premium limousines, all long wheelbase versions were ordered by luxury entrepreneur Stephen Hung, joint chairman of ‘The 13 Holding Limited’. The cars were created in close collaboration with Mr. Hung by Rolls Royce’s bespoke division. Almost all of them are finished in the ‘Stephen red livery’ of the The 13 Hotel, except for two that have been painted in gold. The cars feature matching 21-inch alloy wheels and twin coach line hand painted in gold.


The two gold Phantoms will be reserved for special guests. These get a gold Spirit of Ecstasy, gold Pantheon grille and a diamond encrusted Rolls Royce badge. The interior also features a lot of gold accents. The leather on the rear seats echoes the design motif on the marble entrance lobby of the hotel. Even the clock on the dashboard is a unique design by master jeweler Graff.

Stephen Hung’s Rolls Royce Phantoms image gallery:

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