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2016 Ford Focus RS crashes while in Drift Mode


Ford Focus RS Crashes while in Drift Mode

The driver of this Ford Focus RS crashed his $40,000 hatchback while cruising down a canyon road. The culprit- Drift Mode and lack of talent of course.

This video shows why you should never take liberties with high performance car on public roads. The Focus RS is fairly tame machine, but it’s better not to mess around with the so-called Drift Mode while driving on public roads.

The footage was captured on multiple Go-Pros during a cruise organized by the NY ST Club. A member of the club crashed his Focus RS while negotiating a hairpin bend. Clearly, the driver thought it was good idea to engage drift mode and slide his car like a WRC car. Instead, the Focus RS understeered wide into the mountain side.

It seems like the front and rear wheel carriers will require some major repairs. The side of the car looks substantially dented and airbags would have to be replaced of course.

Focus RS Crashes while in Drift Mode:

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