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BMW M5 MRVanos-top-speed run


Can a 1000 hp BMW M5 that can do 214 mph be a daily driver?

The stock BMW M5 can be an awesome daily driver. With a little bit of tinkering, it can be transformed into a 1000-hp monster. But does it retain its core characteristics? AutoTopNL took a tuned M5 Competition on their favorite stretch of Autobahn to test out just that.

This BMW M5 has been modified and tuned by MR Vanos – a UK-based tuner specializing in BMWs. The car has several upgrades under the hood, including a carbon fibre intake from Eventuri, and de-cat downpipes from Evolve, while the engine gets new connecting rods and turbos. The result is 1000 hp!

On the drivetrain side, the M5 gets a stage 2 gearbox with an upgraded clutch. It gets KW suspension all around, which lowers the stance, making the gold Vossen wheels fill the wheel arches just perfectly.

What’s interesting is that despite such a monstrous engine, this M5 is extremely composed at high speeds. Max took it to 214 mph without breaking a sweat. It is quiet and comfortable on the inside, but it sounds brutal on the outside. Who would’ve thought a 1000 hp BMW could be a daily driver.

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