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Ferrari 488GTB crashed in the UK-3


Brand New Ferrari 488 GTB Crashed in the UK

A brand new Ferrari 488 GTB crashed in Northern Ireland recently. Photos of the crashed supercar posted by Seacat Belfast on Facebook reveal the full extent of the damage.

According to the photographer, the 488 GTB was virtually new with just 69 miles on the odometer. Also, it was not insured which means the owner would soon be staring down a long and expensive invoice.

Ferrari 488GTB crashed in the UK-2

We’re not sure how the accident happened, however excessive speed cannot be ruled out. Fortunately, the no one was hurt and the car seems to have taken the full brunt on the impact. The passenger side door of the Ferrari was completely smashed. The windshield will have to be replaced and along with the front bumper and passenger side front fender.

That said, the damage isn’t terminal and could be fixed. The only thing bothering the owner at this moment would be the bill.

Ferrari 488 GTB crashed gallery:

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