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Golf GTI Clubsport S Claims FWD Nurburgring Record (Video)

VW Golf GTI Clubsport S is the new king of the front-wheel drive hatchbacks as far as Nurburgring lap times are concerned. Volkswagen has laid claim to the FWD Nurburgring record beating arch rivals Honda, Seat and Renault. Update: Honda just destroyed the Clubsport S’ Nurburgring record with the new Civic Type R. The VW driver managed to take the Clubsport S around the infamous racetrack in 7 min 49.21 sec. So, what’s so special about the Clubsport S that makes so quick? Well, it is based on the Golf…

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VW Could Sell Lamborghini, Bentley in wake of Dieselgate Scandal

The Volkswagen Group has been in deep trouble since the dieselgate scandal came to light. A small software tweak that resulted in an enormous cheating scandal has sent VW on the back foot. The company is now preparing for the worst as it will now have to shell out billions of dollars out of their pockets towards fines and law suits. Current estimates suggest that VW Group might have to pay $21 billion towards recalls, lawsuits and regulatory fines. Furthermore, global ramifications could amount  to $80 billion. The accountants now have their work cut…

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Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrities News Volkswagen 

Leonardo DiCaprio to make a film on VW Dieselgate

The accountants at Volkswagen must be having a tough time lately after the German auto giant’s emissions bluff was caught by the EPA. Termed as ‘Dieselgate’ by the media, VW is now counting its losses after what could result in a global recall and millions, if not billions in fines. It is a PR disaster for VW as well as the German auto sector on the whole. Seems like an ideal plot for a Hollywood movie, eh? Dieselgate has certainly caught the attention of some in the film making business….

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John Oliver on Volkswagen Dieselgate Scandal Videos Volkswagen 

John Oliver on Volkswagen Dieselgate Scandal

John Oliver had some bitter words for those who run Volkswagen on the recent dieselgate scandal. The German automaker is in deep trouble after getting caught red faced, “lying” about diesel engine emissions. In the wake of EPA’s notification to Volkswagen, the group’s CEO has resigned and will face investigation to find out exactly how such a blunder was allowed to continue even after being warned by the EPA. Volkswagen was quick to respond and has pulled out all of its diesel-powered cars from the US market. According to the…

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2015 VW Golf GTI at Mount Evans, CO Featured Photoshoots Volkswagen 

Exploring Mount Evans in a 2015 VW Golf GTI

We can all agree that the 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI is truly a great car. Now that we have that out of the way, we can, yet again, agree that great cars need great roads. While I lived in Colorado I was blessed with fantastic mountain roads but you just don’t go to any mountain road in a Golf GTI. This one is the highest paved road (all the way to the top) in North America. 14,130 feet to be exact and let me say it was awesome. Now a little…

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700hp VW Golf R vs Lamborghini Huracan Lamborghini Videos Volkswagen 

700hp VW Golf R Races Lamborghini Huracan and Wins

Here is an average shopping cart built by the Germans. It is a VW Golf R that costs just over $37,000. It has four seats, a capacious boot and an understated 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The sportiest bit on this car- apart from the “sports suspension” and 18-inch wheels is the ‘R’ badge. It also has four-wheel drive, which means it won’t slither around if you are in a mood for fun. All of the aforementioned traits of the VW Golf R are lost once you arrive at HGP- a bunch…

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Oettinger VW Golf R500 Worthersee Car Shows Tuner Cars Volkswagen 

Oettinger VW Golf R500 unveiled at Worthersee

Oettinger Sportsystems from Germany have unveiled an immensely powerful version of the VW Golf Mark VII at Worthersee 2015. It is called the VW Golf R500 and that’s clue to how much power it packs. It uses the same engine as the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept that was revealed yesterday, albeit without the electric turbines for boost. Oettinger has gone with a conventional turbocharger for the 2.5-liter TFSI engine. Forged pistons and a reprogrammed ECU, new air intake, improved cooling and a sports exhaust means output increases to 518 hp…

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EVO Car of the Year shootout Aston Martin Audi BMW Ferrari Jaguar McLaren Porsche Renault Videos Volkswagen 

Ferrari 458 Speciale is EVO Mag Car of the Year

Each year by Christmas, motoring magazines go out and do some comparison testing between the best of the best driver’s cars that were launched during the year. EVO Magazine has tradition of choosing the best driver’s car, a car that provides “the thrill of driving” from a large group of hot hatchbacks, sportscars and even supercars. This year’s contenders included the Audi S1, Renault Megane 275 Trophy R and the Golf R on one end and the Mclaren 650S, Ferrari 458 Speciale on the other. In between, the BMW i8…

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The Story of the Beetle Carfection Videos Volkswagen 

The Story of the VW Beetle

The story of the Volkswagen Beetle begins in post-World War Germany. Back then, the country was struggling with economic sanctions and majority of the population was poor. When Adolf Hitler came to power, things changed and the world soon got what would be the car of the 20th century. The “people’s car” was born and was aptly called, Volkswagen and their first product- the Beetle went on to become the highest selling automobile in the world. The Beetle has had humble beginnings. But, same cannot be said about the current model…

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700 hp VW Golf R sleeper Motorsports Tuner Cars Videos Volkswagen 

700 hp Twin Turbo VW Golf R is a pocket rocket

Talking of sleeper cars, this Mk6 Volkswagen Golf R would perhaps pass the test for the most unassuming hatchback on the road, except that the bodyshell wraps around a 700 hp twin-turbocharged engine. That coupled with all-wheel drive grip, the high-performance Golf R is capable of making an average supercar owner ashamed of himself. This video posted on DragTimesInfo shows how quickly the tiny Golf launches off the line beating even a Lamborghini Gallardo and a rear-wheel drive BMW M6 that stands no chance. The 700 hp pocket rocket also…

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