chris-harris-drives-porsche-911r-vs-aston-martin-v12-vantage-s Aston Martin Chris Harris on Cars Porsche Videos 

Porsche 911R vs Aston Martin Vantage S

When Chris Harris gets behind the wheel of a Porsche, all you get is 15 mins of blabbering about how it tickles his senses every time he gets into one. The latest video from Top Gear’s ‘Chris Harris Drives’ series has something of that sort. It involves the new Porsche 911R and Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. Both these cars claim to offer an unadulterated driving experience. While both come with a manual gearbox and 500 plus horsepower, they have a unique character of their own. So, how does the…

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LaFerrari vs Mclaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Chris Harris on Cars Ferrari McLaren Porsche 

LaFerrari vs McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918: Chris Harris on Cars

I had a bit of dilemma, really- do I compose a post about the best supercar video of the year or spend the next one hour watching Chris Harris have a foursome with a LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder at Portimao. In the end, I had to watch the video first. So, Chris Harris is the first person in the industry to produce a three-way test of the so-called “holy trinity” of hypercars and that in itself is quite an achievement. Mind you, these were actual factory…

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McLaren 570S Coupe Chris Harris on Cars McLaren 

McLaren 570S Makes a Porsche 911 Turbo Seem Boring

The McLaren 570S was showcased at the New York International Auto Show and touted to be the entry-level model in McLaren’s range of fast cars. The media has just been given access to the new 570S and first impressions pouring out of Portimao circuit in Portugal seem very positive. As it turns out, the new McLaren 570S is a “superb” sports car. That’s Chris Harris’ take on the 570S. Mr. Harris just got mesmerized by the so-called baby McLaren. It’s a proper analogue machine that responds to the driver’s inputs in…

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Aston GT12 vs Porsche 911 GT3RS vs McLaren 650S Aston Martin Chris Harris on Cars McLaren Porsche 

Chris Harris on Cars: Aston GT12 vs 911 GT3RS vs McLaren 650S

Chris Harris is trying to make a good point here. Is it worth shelling out GBP 250,000 on a Porsche 911 GT3RS when for the same money you can have a very special Aston Martin GT12 or a proper supercar- a McLaren 650S? It is a well known fact now, that the 991-Gen GT3RS is brilliant engineering exercise and has the ability to tickle your senses. It is an awesome machine, period. The Aston Martin GT12 has exclusivity going for it. It also makes the best engine sound among the cars…

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Ford Mustang GT Chris Harris on Cars Ford 

2015 Ford Mustang GT: Chris Harris on Cars

Just a few years back, if you wanted a Mustang you had to be living in America or privately import it by spending a few extra bucks. Now though, the 2015 Ford Mustang is going global and is also available in right-hand drive. Ford has just released it in the UK and Chris Harris has been driving it. So, how does an overly sophisticated European sports car compare to this iconic American cowboy? The 2015 Ford Mustang GT is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 with over 400 hp and costs…

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McLaren 675LT Chris Harris on Cars McLaren 

Chris Harris on Cars: McLaren 675LT

I have been waiting for some of the pundits to comment on the McLaren 675LT. Now that Chris Harris has had a go in what is the most extreme supercars based on the 650S. The McLaren 675LT sits at the top of the Super Series now but is not a completely new car. What Woking has done is fettled with the 650S in every possible way. The result is the 675LT which is slightly more powerful with additional downforce and sharper handling. Chris believes it is almost like a “baby…

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS Chris Harris on Cars Porsche 

Porsche 911 GT3 RS on Road and Track

What happens when you put a Porsche-obsessed Chris Harris into the latest and probably the greatest 911 of our times? A lot, frankly. Chris wears matching orange shorts and drives an orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS on the autobahn at speeds exceeding 180 mph. And he develops a sudden urge to lick a purple GT3 RS. All of that mean, the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a heck of a sports car. The 4.0-liter flat-six engine is naturally aspirated. That means, instant throttle response. The motor produces 500 hp…

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Porsche Cayman GT4 Chris Harris on Cars Porsche Videos 

Chris Harris loves the Porsche Cayman GT4

Chris Harris loves Porsches and that’s a well known fact. He also fancies the new Porsche Cayman GT4 and that isn’t a surprise. It is one of the latest high performance sports cars in Porsche’s line up and sits at the top of the Cayman range. It is also the entry level track-ready sports coupe- much like a smaller, cheaper GT3. Based around an extremely capable chassis and a mid-engine layout, the Cayman GT4 should offer close to GT3 levels of fun for much less money. But does it? Chris Harris…

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Chris Harris with Andy Green Chris Harris on Cars Videos 

Chris’ day out with Andy Green and his Bloodhound SSC

When the indomitable human spirit for ever faster speed is supported by the most extreme engineering, the result is a machine aptly called the Bloodhound SSC. This is car built to reach speeds in excess of 1000 mph. That’s faster than a cruising speed of Boeing 737, even faster than the previous world land speed record. Chris Harris visited the factory where the Bloodhound is being put together and as he finds out, it’s nothing short of an engineering marvel. The Bloodhound SSC will be driven by Andy Green of…

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