Pagani-Zonda-760-for sale-1 Pagani Supercars for Sale 

Rare, low mileage, full carbon Pagani Zonda 760 for sale in Germany

Pagani Zonda 760 with a full carbon body is up for sale in Germany. A rare, low mileage Pagani Zonda 760 with a full carbon fiber body is up for sale in Germany. The car is currently listed on James Edition for an undisclosed amount. It is MY2010 Zonda which indicates that it might have started life as a lesser Zonda and was later upgraded. It is quite common for Zonda owners to get their supercars upgraded with a new engine and bodywork. It has just 229 miles on the…

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pagani-rinascimento-restoration Pagani Videos 

Watch as a Pagani Zonda is restored to its original gleam

Pagani Rinascimento will restore your aging Pagani Zonda to a factory fresh look. This video shows the intricate process of restoration. There are only a few things as exquisitely manufactured as the Pagani Zonda. The whole process, where skilled Italian craftsmen put in parts by hand under Horacio Pagani’s watchful eye is a work of art in itself. Pagani recently started its new restoration program for the Zonda called ‘Pagani Rinascimento’ where the company will restore old Zondas to their original condition, down to individual bolts if the owners wish…

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Zonda-Riviera- News Pagani Supercars for Sale 

The one-off Pagani Zonda Riviera is For Sale

One-off Pagani Zonda Riviera is for sale at Seven Car Lounge, Saudi Arabia. We recently reported about a new One-off Pagani Zonda called the ‘Riviera’ delivered to Saudi Arabia based supercar dealership ‘Seven Car Lounge’. It was assumed that the dealership commissioned the car for a client and that it would be in the hands of its new owner soon. As it turns out, Seven Car Lounge has put the freshly commissioned car on sale. This suggests that the dealership itself ordered the car from Pagani to put it on…

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Pagani-Zonda-HP-Barchetta-Pebble Beach-2017-4 News Pagani 

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Revealed at Pebble Beach

Pagani surprised everyone with a new, highly exclusive version of the Zonda. That’s right. The Pagani Zonda, which was launched back in 1999 and is still a favorite among supercar connoisseur. The new model is called the Zonda HP Barchetta and only 3 cars will ever exist and we suspect that all have already been spoken for. The rumored price tag- $15 million! Apparently, this special Zonda was built to mark Horacio Pagani’s 60th birthday last year and the one seen here is reportedly Horacio’s personal car. The Zonda HP…

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Pagani Zonda Riviera-1 News Pagani 

One-off Pagani Zonda Riviera Revealed

A one-of-one Pagani Zonda Riviera was revealed today. That’s right, it’s yet another Zonda. It began life as a Zonda F but recently, the owner decided to spend some cash and get his Italian exotic upgraded. This has been the trend with Zonda owners in recent times. The Zonda Riviera is quite rightly a one-off finished in a crisp white paint job with light blue highlights and acres of bare carbon fiber. Apparently, the white and blue color scheme is reminiscent of the horizon colors of the French Riviera and hence…

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Pagani Zonda Tricolore for sale in Saudi Arabia-1 Pagani Supercars for Sale 

Ultra-Rare Pagani Zonda Tricolore for Sale in Saudi Arabia

You don’t see a Pagani Zonda at a used car dealership that often. It’s even more unusual to find a Zonda Tricolore for sale. The Zonda made its debut in 1999 and was in production until 2011. A few special editions followed and the Tricolore was one of them. Only three were built for extremely wealthy customers and now you have a chance to own one. A 1 of 3 Pagani Zonda Tricolore has been listed for sale at Riyadh-based Seven Car Lounge. Each of one these exclusive supercars cost around…

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Pagani Zonda Absolute spotted in Japan-2 News Pagani 

Ultra-Rare Pagani Zonda Absolute Spotted in Tokyo, Japan

The ultra-rare Pagani Zonda Absolute has been spotted in Tokyo, Japan. The 1 of 1 Zonda Absolute is known to reside in Hong Kong and is owned by a Pagani collector. Apparently, the owner of this unique Zonda also has an equally rare Zonda Cinque and a Zonda R in his collection. The Zonda Absolute is powered by a the same 7.3-liter V12 engine from the Cinque. On the outside, the Italian supercar is wrapped in a combination of matte and gloss carbon fiber. It also sports Cinque style wheels…

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Lewis Hamilton's McLaren P1 in Monaco Celebrities McLaren Videos 

F1 Champ Lewis Hamiton’s McLaren P1 in Monaco

The 2016 F1 season doesn’t start before March but one F1 driver keeps making headlines even when he is on vacation. 2015 F1 champion Lewis Hamilton loves his supercars as much as he loves racing. One of recent purchases has been a blue McLaren P1. Here’s a video of Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren P1 in Monaco. Along with this gorgeous P1, Lewis also owns a LaFerrari and a very special Pagani Zonda 760LH. The P1 of course has numerous MSO touches which make it unique. The pearl blue does stand out…

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Pagani Huayra in Zonda Cinque Livery render News Pagani 

Pagani Huayra in Zonda Cinque Livery: Images

Remember the Pagani Zonda Cinque? Yes, the one with that screamer of a V12 engine and a stunning red-black-white livery. Well, someone just ordered a new Pagani Huayra with a similar paint scheme and it looks absolutely gorgeous in a Zonda Cinque livery. The featured image was posted on Facebook by David Chaville along with a digital rendering of the same livery that was made a while back. That said, the person who now owns the special Huayra is not known but we do have a couple of images of the…

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Salomondrin Pagani Huayra Pagani Videos 

10 Facts about Pagani You Probably Didn’t Know

This supercar enthusiast calls himself Salomondrin and he is a well known figure in Los Angeles. Alejandro Salomon owns a one-off Pagani Huayra and also has a Porsche 918 Spyder in his garage. He is very active on Youtube and frequently posts videos of his supercars. In this video, Salomondrin tells us the 10 facts about Pagani that you probably didn’t know. 10 facts about Pagani you didn’t know: Source: Salomondrin via Youtube

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