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Top 5 Best Racing Games of 2018 for all age groups

Do you have a need for speed? Are you such a car enthusiast that you would rather not participate in something unless a vehicle of some sort is involved? If you answered yes to these, you’ve probably spent more than your fair share of time searching for video games to satisfy both your need for vehicle-themed activity and challenging content. Finding that perfect racing game is like finding a needle in a haystack, it may not be entirely impossible, but it’s very difficult. Most of the racing games available either…

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Top 5 Upcoming Racing Games of 2017: All you need to know

Need For Speed 2017 Developer: Ghost Games Publisher: Electronic Arts Platform: PC/Console Release Date: TBA Need For Speed Payback: Details here If you love racing games then you probably are a big fan of Need For Speed. This year, Electronics Arts is expected to release Need For Speed 2017- a follow up to the popular NFS 2015. Developers Ghost Games are currently working on the title. Our sights are set on E3 2017 when we might learn a thing or two about the upcoming release. That’s right. Little is known…

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The Grand Tour hosts play Forza Horizon 3 on XBox One Celebrities Racing games Videos 

VIDEO: The Grand Tour Hosts Play Forza Horizon 3 on XBox One

The Grand Tour and Forza Horizon 3 have a lot in common. That’s why Xbox Live hosted Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Twitch for a live stream session. As part of the Game with Fame live stream event, the hosts of The Grand Tour tried to showcase their driving skills in a virtual environment. Richard Hammond who has never played a racing game before was predictably terrible at it. James May, as you might have guessed was quite slow and Clarkson gave it the full beans every…

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Microsoft confirms Forza Horizon 3 at E3 2016

Microsoft has announced the new Forza Horizon 3 at the ongoing E3 2016. The new open world racing game will be available exclusively on XBox One and Windows 10. Forza Horizon 3 is based in Australia and features a wide variety of terrains from lush green rain forest to desert and canyons and of course fast flowing tarmac in between. Complete with an array shiny new cars to choose from the Horizon 3 promises for one hell of a ride. For the first time Forza Horizon 3 includes powerful trophy…

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