Street-legal Aston Martin Vulcan Aston Martin News 

This is the world’s first Street-legal Aston Martin Vulcan

The owner of the first road-legal Aston Martin Vulcan deserves a pat on the back. The Aston Martin Vulcan is undoubtedly one of the ultimate track toys. The supercar was never built to be driven on the road. But, soon after the 24 lucky owner took delivery, Aston said they could get their cars modified for street use. Britain’s RML Group took up the job and here’s the first ever street-legal Vulcan. Never got full throttle once today. Don’t care. Driving world’s one and only road-legal @astonmartin Vulcan was brilliantly…

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Pearl Green Aston Martin Vulcan-1 Aston Martin Supercars for Sale 

Pearl Green Aston Martin Vulcan For Sale in the UK

Another Aston Martin Vulcan has put up for sale. The track-only supercar is one of just 24 built and is being offered for an undisclosed amount by Kaaimans International in the UK. The car in question is a chassis no. 14 which is painted in a unique share of pearlescent green. The interior is finished in Alcantara with green stitching the match the exterior. Other than that, it is powered by a 7.0-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 engine that produces 804 hp. It has got 200 hp less than the McLaren P1…

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Aston-Martin-Vulcan-For-sale-2 Aston Martin News Supercars for Sale 

Aston Martin Vulcan for Sale at $2.9 million

All the attention might have turned to the Valkyrie, but the Aston Martin Vulcan hasn’t lost any of its sheen. Unveiled in 2015 as Aston’s answer for Ferrari Corse Clienti and Mclaren’s P1 GTR program the Vulcan is more exclusive than your Laferrari FXXK or the ultimate P1 track car. Only 24 units were ever produced now one of the 24 Vulcans is up for sale in the USA. It is listed by Knight International of Dubai. This particular example is finished in an extravagant ‘Flamma Red’. The car has 550…

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Project Cars 2- Aston Martin Vulcan Racing games Videos 

Aston Martin Vulcan, Mercedes-AMG GT R Feature in new Project Cars 2 Trailer

Slightly Mad Studios have dropped a new trailer of their upcoming Project Cars 2 racing game. In fact, last week a leaked Project Cars 2 trailer revealed new gameplay and content. Now, the official announcement trailer released by the studio showcases new cars including Mercedes-AMG GT3 race car, AMG GT R and Aston Martin Vulcan. Players will be get to choose from more than 170 cars and realistic laser-scanned race tracks. A new addition is the circuit of Long Beach. Project Cars 2 also offers new game modes including Rallycross…

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Mid-engine Aston Martin Vulcan concept-Adrien Fuinel-9 Aston Martin News 

Future Mid-Engine Aston Martin Vulcan Might Looks Like This

Aston Martin is building a mid-engine hybrid supercar. We’ve all heard a lot about the AM-RB 001 hypercar and how revolutionary it will be. The hypercar is being developed in collaboration with Red Bull headed by Adrian Newey. But, all of that is in store for the future. The most radical Aston Martin today is the Vulcan. It’s a V12-powered supercar for the race track. What if the Vulcan was conceived in the 2020? Car designer Adrien Fuinel thinks it might look like this. His design borrows cues from the…

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Aston Martin Vulcan for sale at Dick Lovett, Bristol-1 Aston Martin Supercars for Sale 

Aston Martin Vulcan For Sale with a Price Tag of $3.08 Million

Another Aston Martin Vulcan is for sale, this time at Dick Lovett in Bristol. The British dealer is offering one of just 24 Vulcans built at a price tag of $3,085,332. According to the listing, it is the 15th Vulcan built by Aston Martin and is finished in Ceramic Grey with blue accents. The previous owner has driven it just once before probably at Spa Francorchamps along with other Vulcans. In fact, the track car has just over 37 miles on its odometer. The Aston Martin Vulcan was revealed at the…

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aston-martin-vulcan-gets-wrapped-at-yiannimize Aston Martin Videos 

Aston Martin Vulcan Gets Wrapped at Yiannimize

The guys at Yiannimize have worked their magic on numerous exotic cars, but nothing quite like this. So, when an Aston Martin Vulcan rolled into their garage to get wrapped, everyone was pretty excited. The Aston Martin Vulcan is an ultra rare track car that was revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. It costs $2.3 million and only 24 were built. The team at Yiannimize had never worked on such a rare car before. That said, the car was accompanied by a few engineers from Aston Martin who were…

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ston Martin Vulcan in USA Aston Martin Supercars for Sale 

Is Aston Martin Vulcan Losing its Value?

The Aston Martin Vulcan is a track-only supercar built in limited numbers. It is like the McLaren P1 GTR but that’s where the similarities end and it’s more evident when you compare the current value of these exotics. Today, a Mclaren P1 GTR can cost anywhere between $3.5- 4.2 million. Also, thanks to Lanzante, a road-legal version of the P1 GTR is also available. The Aston Martin Vulcan on the other hand seems to be losing its value. In January, Cleveland Motorsports listed a pristine Vulcan for sale at $3.4 million…

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Aston Martin Vulcan Aston Martin News 

Aston Martin Vulcan Street Legal Conversions now Available

Aston Martin is now offering a street legal conversion kits for Vulcan owners. Aston Martin built just 24 units of the Vulcan track car and now some owners have expressed their interest in driving their cars on the road. In its current configuration, the Aston Martin Vulcan cannot be driven on public roads. First of all it’s too low to drive over a speed bump and secondly, it’s loud. The Vulcan was never designed with pedestrian safety in mind either. These as well as other road-safety, emissions and legal norms would…

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Aston Martin Vulcan for sale in the US-1 Aston Martin News 

Second Aston Martin Vulcan For Sale in the US

The Aston Martin Vulcan will see a limited production run of just 24 units. Out of which three are destined for the US. The first Vulcan in the US is already parked up at Aston Martin Cleveland and now a  second Vulcan just arrived at the dealership. Like the burnt orange example, the new dark blue one is presumably for sale as well. The first Vulcan to arrive on US soil is currently listed at $3.4 million. So, given how rare these cars are, expect the new Vulcan to cost about…

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