Aston Martin DB11-AMG V8-1 Aston Martin News 

Aston Martin to use 6-cylinder Mercedes engines

Aston Martin already uses Mercedes-AMG supplied electronics and engines for its cars. They recently revealed a new DB11 which shares its V8 with the Mercedes-AMG GT. The upcoming Vantage will also receive the same turbo-V8.  Now, in an interview with Drive, Aston’s Vehicle Line Director, Paul Barritt revealed that the company is considering sourcing 6-cylinder engines from Mercedes to meet stricter fuel emissions for its cars. “We will just keep a watching brief and see what fits in with our plans. You can see the direction of travel within the industry…

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Ferrari LaFerrari Ferrari News 

LaFerrari XX race car to use F1-derived Turbo-V6?

Owning a Ferrari is not cheap. Buying the Maranello stallion is one thing, but maintaining it could get quite expensive. While we dream of owning at least a cog that makes up these brilliant super cars, there are folks with enough cash to enroll themselves into the exclusive XX program. As part of this, avid enthusiasts get to own a highly specialized track-only Ferrari. Ferarri takes care of your car all the while which also remains in their custody. Basically, you ask them to drop the car off to a…

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