LaFerrari V12 engine for sale-Ebay-1 Ferrari News 

Low mileage Ferrari LaFerrari V12 engine for sale on Ebay

A LaFerrari V12 engine would the most ideal powerplant for your project car. That is, if you can afford it. People selling Ferrari engines on Ebay is nothing new. But recently, someone listed the naturally-aspirated V12 engine from a LaFerrari and that definitely qualifies as news. There around 700-odd LaFerraris in the world including the LaFerrari Apertas. This makes it one of the most exclusive cars around and finding a spare engine for this rare supercar on Ebay does raise a few doubts in our minds. According to the seller,…

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ferrari-458-italia-v12-engine-laferrari-1 Ferrari News 

One-off Ferrari 458 with a V12 Engine from a LaFerrari revealed

Back in January, we reported about a mysterious V12 Ferrari teased by car collector Gregb23 on his Instagram account. After months of speculations, he has finally revealed the car. As speculated, the car turns out to be a 458 with a Laferrari V12, albeit without the hybrid system. Gregb23 also provided some details on Ferrarichat Forum – “LaFerrari prototype used to develop the engine. No hybrid system. Drives like a ‘normal car’. Not possible to register for road use and track only for the first 24 months.” Therefore, speculations that the…

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2018 Lamborghini Aventador S-launch-2 Lamborghini News 

Lamborghini Aventador Successor to Retain V12 Powerplant

Lamborghini boss has confirmed that the Aventador succesor will retain its naturally aspirated V12 powerplant. This means we won’t see a turbocharged Lambo anytime soon. Stefano Domenicali told CarAdvice that there is space for the brand to be different in a world where most brands are switching to forced induction. According to him, there’s still a lot of potential in the V12 engine and the brand could do without turbocharging at this point of time. “I don’t think we will be left behind at all by not adopting turbo charging”, he added. “We…

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LaFerrari V12 Ferrari 458 special edition-1 Ferrari News 

Mysterious Mid-Engine V12 Ferrari 458 Could be a One-Off

Ferrari often builds one-off special edition supercars for their high-profile clients. In fact, reports of a new mid-engine V12 Ferrari 458 have emerged on the internet fueling wild speculations. Instagram user Greg23 is renowned Ferrari collector. He recently posted a few images of his upcoming Ferrari hiding under a red cover. Everyone including the good folks at FerrariChat forum were left stunned and have no clue what it could be. Greg23 did mention a few things about his latest supercar. In his Instagram post, he highlights the fact that it…

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Aston Martin's new Twin-Turbo V12 engine Aston Martin Videos 

Aston Martin Unleashes New Twin-Turbo V12 Engine

Aston Martin has finally given up their naturally aspirated engine and will be soon replacing it with a twin-turbo V12  variety. Climate change and emission controls have prompted supercar makers to move to forced induction and throw away the gas guzzlers of the past. The downsized 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine will feature in the upcoming Aston Martin DB11. The current range of Aston Martin sports cars are powered by a 6.0-liter V12 which makes 540 hp in the DB9, 550 hp in the Rapide, 568 hp in the Vanquish and 565 hp…

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