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The Best Used Ford Cars on the Market

For motorists shopping in the used car market, it can be tricky to know where to turn because it is such a gigantic marketplace and you often hear stories of people getting scammed or purchasing unreliable cars. The best approach is to select a reliable and highly regarded brand, such as Ford. Ford is the biggest car brand in the UK and a popular manufacturer with new drivers, families, professionals and other types of motorist. They have developed this reputation through consistently making brilliantly engineered cars that are built to…

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How Dealerships Investigate the Cars They Buy

The second-hand car market can be a dangerous and unpredictable place if you are not careful. You often hear stories of motorists falling victim to scams or buying a car only for it to fall apart a few weeks later, but fortunately, there are ways to navigate the used car market with confidence. Dealerships Used car dealerships have not had the greatest reputation in the past and have been known for their “wheeler-dealer” stereotype. People associated these dealerships as places that were simply looking to make money and will do…

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Driven to Death – How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Car

A car is one of the most important and expensive purchases you can make. It’s a mode of transport, a mobile office, it can even be your accommodation. We tie up so much emotion and experience in the nostalgia of our old cars that it becomes hard to judge when they’re beyond repair and it’s time to change your car. How do you know when your old car has had enough? Let’s examine some telltale signs below, and look at some of the benefits of upgrading your auto. You’re Still…

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Advertised as “Terrific Condition” Lamborghini Gallardo Turns out to be Junk

A guy bought a Lamborghini Gallardo advertised by the dealership to be in “terrific condition” turns out to be a pile of junk. The person bought the car was clearly not impressed with what he got and we hope some sort of action is taken against the dealership. The owner made this video detailing the cosmetic issues with the car. First and foremost, who thought green brake calipers were a great idea? Also, the car was not cleaned before delivery, as if last moment repairs were carried out on it….

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Used Bugatti Chiron for sale in Germany-1 Bugatti Supercars for Sale 

Used Bugatti Chiron For Sale in Germany costs $3.78 Million

A used Bugatti Chiron just popped up for sale at a German dealership. The pre-spec’ed Chiron is unregistered and has delivery miles. Auto Seredin is asking a whopping €3.57 million or approximately $3.78 million for this highly optioned out Chiron. The spec on this used Bugatti Chiron is pretty unique too. The exterior is finished in white with French Racing Blue accents. The wing mirrors are wrapped in turquoise carbon while the diamond cut wheels have blue highlights to match the exterior. The interior is a blend of expensive leather and…

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Top Tips for Negotiating a Used Car Price

Haggling has become far more commonplace in recent years, and when it comes to used cars, it’s never been a better time to learn how to negotiate. The sticker price is only a starting point, and with the following pieces of advice, you should be able to approach your next car purchase with confidence… Do your research You should never go to view a car to buy without having done your research. You need to understand everything about the car you want, the dealerships in the area, and what price…

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The First Things to Check When Buying a Used Supercar

We all know cars depreciate fifteen percent or more as soon as they drive off the dealer lot. This explains why most people choose to avoid purchasing new cars as a practice. Supercars aren’t exactly your typical car, however. There’s a term in the automotive world for the high-intensity mileage owners tend to put on these cars. They call them “Viper miles” in homage to Dodge’s 10-cylinder blunderbuss and its propensity for burnouts. Even if they haven’t been abused, supercars tend to be somewhat fragile. So what types of things…

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Carcela – Europe’s Peer-to-Peer Used Car Marketplace Coming to India

Carcela is Europe’s growing peer-to-peer serviced marketplace for used cars. The service was initially launched in Glasgow, Munich and Geneva and soon expanded into London, Manchester and Brighton. The company is now planning to move into overseas markets and India is one of them. As part of the expansion campaign, Carcela is now targeting the biggest automotive markets in Asia. Shanghai is the first Asian city where Carcela was launched recently. The service will soon be available in India. They are looking to set shop in Mumbai and New Delhi…

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Used Porsche 911 R sold for 1.3 million USD News Porsche 

Used Porsche 911 R Sold For $1.3 Million

Porsche is building 991 examples of the 911 R. Porsche collectors from around the world are going crazy over it and they are willing to pay anything to hold of one. This has lead to a massive jump in value of the 911 R. What is the 911 R? The Porsche 911 R costs about $186,000. For that sort of money, what you get is basically a 911 GT3 minus the rear spoiler and a 6-speed manual transmission instead of PDK. According to Autocar, someone just made seven times of what…

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS Featured Porsche Supercars for Sale 

Used Porsche 911 GT3 RS Prices Have Shot Through the Roof

The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991) is probably the best 911 ever built by the German sports car maker. When the new GT3 RS was showcased at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show everybody knew what to expect as over the years Stuttgart has given us some fantastic machines to play with. Built in limited numbers, the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a street-legal race car that somewhat retains the old school handling and response that car enthusiasts love. It is also the last of the naturally aspirated flat-six engines ever to…

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