koenigsegg-agera-rs-0-400-0-record Koenigsegg News 

Koenigsegg to close down Nevada highway for top speed record attempt

Hennessey recently claimed that its Venom F5 will be the first production car to crack 300 mph. Koenigsegg seems to have accepted the challenge and will be attempting a top speed record soon. Koenigsegg has received a special permit from the Nevada Department of Transportation to use a 11-mile section of state Route 160 to attempt a new speed record for production cars. A section of the highway between Las Vegas and Pahrump will closed down on Saturday and Sunday for this purpose. It has been reported that Koenigsegg will be…

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Bugatti Chiron-speed-record-1 Bugatti News 

Bugatti Chiron sets Speed Record with Juan Pablo Montoya at the wheel

The Bugatti Chiron has set a new speed record. Well, no surprises there, right? Indycar racer and ex-Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya set a new record with a 1500 hp Chiron. The hypercar was accelerated to 0-400 km/h (249 mph) which is when Montoya dropped the anchors and brought the car to a complete stop. The Chiron took just 42 sec to accelerate to close to its top speed, brake and come to a standstill. In case you’re wondering, it hit the magical number of 400 clicks in 32.6…

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Chiron top speed Bugatti Videos 

VIDEO: Bugatti Chiron accelerates from 0-400 km/h

Bugatti has released two videos featuring the new Chiron. In the first video, we ride on-board a Chiron as it accelerates from 0-300 km/h (186 mph). Bugatti claims the Chiron will hit 300 clicks in 13.1 sec. In the second video, we ride alongside a Chiron that’s quickly gathering speed. It reaches 400 km/h (249 mph) in just 32.6 sec. Now, that’s nowhere near its top speed. The Chiron is claimed to reach 261 mph which about 420 km/h. Pop-in the “speed key” and hypercar will hit 285 mph! Bugatti…

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McLaren F1 Top Speed Run-Andy Wallace-Ehra-Lessien-Germany McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: Unseen Footage of a McLaren F1 reaching Top Speed

The McLaren F1 was the world’s first hypercar. The first road car capable of reaching speeds in excess of 230 mph. Although it was way ahead of its time, it took special courage to go anywhere near its top speed. Andy Wallace was the man who hit Vmax in McLaren F1 about two decades ago. Now, McLaren has released the never-before-seen footage of the top speed run from Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien Proving Ground. The F1 reached a Vmax of 391 km/hr or 242.9 mph which averaged to 240.14 mph. As Andy…

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2016 New Ford GT Ford News 

New Ford GT Engine Specifications, Top Speed Revealed

We had been waiting for this for a long time. In fact, its been two years since the new Ford GT was first showcased to the world. Now finally, we know everything there is to know about the Ford GT engine specifications, its weight and more importantly, its top speed. The all-new Ford GT made its debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and was showcased in its full production-spec a year later. With the production of the new Ford GT already underway, the company has finally revealed the crucial…

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tri-turbo-mclaren-mp4-12c-by-hypercar-development McLaren Videos 

Tri-Turbo McLaren MP4-12C Boosted to 1200 hp

Tuners Hypercar Development have created a monster out of a benign McLaren MP4-12C. The standard 3.8-liter V8 has been boosted with three turbochargers and the result is a 1200 hp beast. The company aims to clock 300 mph with their tri-turbo McLaren MP4-12C. That’s quite ambitious, if you think of it. The tri-turbo McLaren MP4-12C was put on a dyno recently. With the patented Tri-Boost System, the McLaren 12C will be able to accelerate to blistering speeds never attempted by a production car. Will they achieve their target of 300…

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Jaguar XJ220 3 Acura Featured Ford Honda Jaguar Nissan Porsche 

Top 5 Fastest Six-Cylinder Sports Cars

Engines of high-performance vehicles are commonly found to be six-cylinder in recent years: ranging from the BMW M2 to Porsche 911’s. So, here’s a list of top 5 fastest six-cylinder sports cars in the world. 5. Acura NSX – Top Speed: 191 mph Japanese manufacturer, Acura, created the NSX as a stupidly fast six-cylinder sports car. The recently revealed 2017 NSX is a car to worry many manufacturers across the globe. The NSX features a very extreme exterior. Henceforth it has been styled with sharp aerodynamic edges and curves across the body…

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Bugatti Chiron Official Image- 2016 Geneva Motor Show-17 Bugatti News 

Bugatti Chiron Options: “Speed Key” unlocks 285 MPH Top Speed

Those who are familiar with the Veyron would know that to unlock its full potential you need a special key. It’s a similar system with the new Bugatti Chiron. Only this time around, Bugatti is offering an option of a higher top speed. A standard Bugatti Chiron will do 261 mph at full chat. If you pay a little extra over the $2.5 million price tag, Bugatti will increase that top speed to 285 mph. Not sure how much it costs, but I’m guessing, it ain’t cheap. If you want to…

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Porsche 911 R- 2016 Geneva Motor Show-9 Porsche Videos 

VIDEO: 200mph Autobahn blast in a Porsche 911R

Evo got a chance to drive the new Porsche 911R recently. As you know, the 911R is a limited edition model but since it was the official media drive, it seemed appropriate to test out the new Porsche’s top speed. The German autobahn is perfect place for such a test with no speed limits on vast stretches of the highway network. Now, the 911R has claimed top speed of over 201 mph. It is powered by a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-6 engine that makes 493 hp. On the outside, the…

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Koenigsegg One-1 sets new Top speed record at VMax200 2016 Koenigsegg Videos 

Koenigsegg One:1 Sets New Top Speed Record at VMax200

A Koenigsegg One:1 just set a new top speed record at the annual VMax200 event in the UK. After hitting 230 mph on its first run, it broke its own record by registering 240 mph with some runway to spare. This blue One:1 run by guys at The BHP Project has featured regularly at VMax200 events ever since it was delivered to the UK. It is also the first One:1 in Britain. The Koenigsegg One:1 is the most powerful supercar to come out of Sweden. It packs a twin-turbo V8 that…

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