Tesla Mode S-P100D-vs Nitrous Mustang Tesla Videos 

Tesla Model S Smokes a Nitrous Mustang and Nissan GT-R

A car from the future takes on a nitrous Mustang and a Nissan GT-R fueled by dinosaur juice and wins. Not once or twice, but destroyed every since car that dares to challenge it. This Tesla Model S P100D is completely stock with a “stock motor and battery”, as the driver jokingly points out. The only modifications include sticker tires and gutted out interior void of any luxuries that one may expect in a Model S. Tesla Model S smokes a nitrous Mustang, Nissan GT-R:

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1000 hp Toyota Supra-Cost to build Toyota Videos 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a 1000 HP Toyota Supra?

This guy purchased a tired looking Toyota Supra for $18,000. He then went on to transform the JDM legend into a 1000 hp beast. Here’s how much it cost to build a 1000 hp Toyota Supra. He started off by purchasing a stock Supra with a naturally aspirated engine and a 5-speed gearbox. Initially, after adding a few aesthetic mods he swapped-in some drivetrain upgrades along with a 6-speed transmission. Also see: Why was this Toyota Supra kicked out? The next step was to add some horsepower. Installing a single…

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mclaren-crashes-in-los-angeles McLaren News 

Street Racing McLaren Crashes in Los Angeles

A McLaren and a couple of other cars were involved in crash that took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Initial reports by eyewitnesses suggest that the cars were travelling at a high rate of speed before wrecking at Woodland Hills. The green McLaren involved in the incident crashed heavily destroying the front end of the vehicle. Apparently, an Audi also involved in the wreck. A 70 year old man was at the wheel of the Audi A6. Drivers of both vehicles were rushed to the hospital, however there’s still…

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Lamborghini Aventador vs 1000hp Toyota Supra Lamborghini Toyota Videos 

Lamborghini Aventador vs 1000hp Toyota Supra

You are driving a Toyota Supra with a souped up 2JZ 1000 hp on 35 psi boost on a freeway at night and you find a Lamborghini Aventador cruising by. What will you do? Race, of course. The Lamborghini Aventador in this video can be assumed to be running a stock engine in the form of 6.5-liter V12 producing 700 hp without any turbochargers. The sweet sounding Toyota Supra does have the advantage when it comes to power as the turbocharged 2JZ makes 1000 hp and proves a bit too…

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