2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Chevrolet News 

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Will Ragna-Rock Your World

Oh, yes, we are serious. The new 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is not just the fastest Vette ever made. It’s also the most powerful one of its kind. Have you seen Thor: Ragnarok? If you haven’t, then you should. It has reinvigorated the franchise in ways which nobody ever imagined. Just like the latest installment in the God of Thunder saga, the Chevrolet Corvette has put itself through a major image makeover. Top to bottom, comprehensive and thorough. And what have we got here after that trip to the salon…

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Alfa Romeo 4C Alfa Romeo Carfection 

Alfa Romeo 4C: Is the beauty just skin deep?

Alfa Romeo 4C is love by all for how it looks. Historically, Alfa Romeo designs have struck a chord with both the sexes. However, in the recent past their cars have been criticized for being too unreliable. So, when the company set out to make a lightweight sports car, no body was sure if the move would pay off. As always, the Italian company came up with a cracking look thing. It was light because it was made out of carbon fiber and the engine produced just about 240 hp. A…

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Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari 458 Speciale named Britain’s Best Driver’s car by Autocar

Team Autocar drove down to Castle Combe circuit in the UK to find out which of the following list of supercars and sports cars is the best all-round driver’s car. So, the contenders for this year’s title included everything from the super quick and track focused to the practical yet blisteringly fast. Last year’s winner- Porsche 911 GT3 was also at hand to try and defend the crown. The rest of the line up included a Ferrari 458 Speciale, McLaren 650S, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7, BMW M4, BMW i8, Jaguar…

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Porsche Boxster S News Porsche 

Porsche 718 baby Boxster coming in 2016

If you are a Porsche fan, it’s time for you to rejoice. Porsche is set to launch a new roadster under the Boxster model. That would make it cheaper than the current Boxster which sits at the low-end of the Porsche range. According to CAR Magazine, the 718 roadster would be a bare-basic two-seat sportscar at an affordable price. In recent times, Porsche has expanded their model range with the addition of the GTS versions. This time, the company will move down the ladder and create a no-frills, no-nonsense sports…

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Alfa Romeo 4C Alfa Romeo News 

Alfa Romeo 4C can be yours for just under USD 54,000

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car maker and one thing that Italians do well, is design gorgeous looking automobiles. The company has gone through numerous turmoils in the past and only recently has been able to resurrect itself. They came out with the 8C Competizione, a few years ago and now they’re back with yet another mirror-cracking beauty of a sports car. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a diet version of the 8C but borrows quite a few styling features from its predecessor. The exterior design of the Alfa Romeo…

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