porsche-918-spyder-doug-demuro-1 Porsche Videos 

Watch as Doug DeMuro Reviews the Porsche 918 Spyder

Youtuber Doug DeMuro has reviewed a lot of fast cars on his channel, but never a modern hypercar. Thankfully, a collector came to DeMuro’s rescue offering his 918 Spyder for him to review. We have watched a lot of reviews of the 918 Spyder but not one which has been as detailed as this one. This particular 918 finished in grey and red came equipped with the Weissach Package which adds more carbon fiber around the body to shed 40 kg. DeMuro explains the cars ‘strange quirks’ and ‘cool features’…

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2017 Ford GT Owner Review-Andy Frisella Ford Videos 

VIDEO: First 2017 Ford GT Owner Review by Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella is among the first few customers to take delivery of the 2017 Ford GT. Andy’s GT is rather special since it is the very first custom colored Ford GT. The Arancio Borealis is the special shade borrowed from the Lamborghini palette. We think it looks cracking on the new Ford GT! We have already seen reviews by popular car magazines, however this time we get to hear from the owner himself about what’s it like to own a 2017 Ford GT. In his Ford GT owner review, Andy…

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ston Martin Vulcan in USA Aston Martin Videos 

In-Depth Tour of the Aston Martin Vulcan: Video

The Aston Martin Vulcan is a track-only supercar built for extremely wealthy individuals. The highly exclusive Vulcan costs $2.3 million if you wish to have one. Only 20 units of this outrageous Aston Martin will ever exist and not many of us will ever get a chance to see one up close, let alone get a personal tour of the car and its systems. Here’s a video by Saabkyle04 who was lucky enough to spend some time with the very first Aston Martin Vulcan in the US. The car is currently parked…

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McLaren 570S Coupe Chris Harris on Cars McLaren 

McLaren 570S Makes a Porsche 911 Turbo Seem Boring

The McLaren 570S was showcased at the New York International Auto Show and touted to be the entry-level model in McLaren’s range of fast cars. The media has just been given access to the new 570S and first impressions pouring out of Portimao circuit in Portugal seem very positive. As it turns out, the new McLaren 570S is a “superb” sports car. That’s Chris Harris’ take on the 570S. Mr. Harris just got mesmerized by the so-called baby McLaren. It’s a proper analogue machine that responds to the driver’s inputs in…

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Mercedes-AMG GT S -XCAR Review Carfection Mercedes-Benz 

Is Mercedes-AMG GT S the Perfect Sport Car?

Mercedes-Benz has stopped making the SLS AMG, but we don’t miss the gorgeous SLS and thumping V8, because soon after they came up with the Mercedes-AMG GT. The Mercedes-AMG GT is a stunning looking thing. I would say, it looks even better than the SLS it replaces- of course you don’t get those mad gullwing doors. That said, the Mercedes-AMG GT can be sufficiently angry if fancy pressing your right hoof. XCAR’s Alex Goy got to sample the faster, more powerful and slightly expensive version – the Mercedes-AMG GT S….

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Mclaren P1 GTR McLaren Videos 

Mclaren P1 GTR driven by Autocar

Autocar today posted their review of the Mclaren P1 GTR followed by a short on-board video blog. This review is particularly important because, the P1 GTR is not your everyday supercar. It is meant solely for the race track and costs more than a pair of kidneys. It is toy for billionaires who can afford a $3 million race car to enjoy on weekends. Ferrari has built a similar track-day car called the LaFerrari FXXK and I haven’t come across anyone from the media who has driven it. So, this…

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Ferrari LaFerrari Ferrari Videos 

LaFerrari Video Review Compilation

There are few who dare to invest into making a supercar. Most have failed, while a select few can claim to have succeeded in the business. Each year, at the world’s greatest motor shows, new manufacturers turn up with prototypes with claimed performance figures that remain true only on paper. When it comes to the more established brands, Ferrari is probably the first name that comes to mind. The year 2014 has proved special for the supercar lover. Three brand new supercars, each with revolutionary technologies have gone on sale….

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