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The Best Cars for City Driving

While supercars are exhilarating, sleek and incredibly fun to drive, they are not always the most practical option. Although they make commuting or long drives more enjoyable, they are unsuited to slow traffic and congested cities and aren’t adapted for quickly getting about in the city. If you venture into the city regularly, you may find you need a more suitable, reliable vehicle. This is where small, economical cars can be a real lifesaver. However, if you are used to driving in style, then you do not want just any…

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Mini Cooper from Dubai busted by Indian Customs News 

Mini Cooper From Dubai Busted With 7.5kg Gold in Fuel Tank

Mini Cooper from Dubai was busted by Indian Customs Department with 7.5 kg gold concealed in its fuel tank. Someone clearly took inspiration from ‘The Italian Job’ and chose the Mini Cooper for the task. The car which arrived at Cochin port on Dubai plates was shipped¬†to the country under the Carnet scheme which allows a foreign registered vehicle to be driven in India for a specific period of time. Due to high local demand and rising prices, gold smuggling has become prevalent in the subcontinent. In this case, 13…

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