McLaren F1-Bonhams Auction-Pebble Beach-2017-1 McLaren News 

McLaren F1 sells for a Record Price of $15.62 million at Auction

A pristine McLaren F1 just sold for a record price of $15.62 million at Pebble Beach. It was the first McLaren F1 in the US and has been owned by a single person. The price includes a 10 percent buyer’s fee. Still, with a price tag of $14.2 million, it is the most expensive McLaren F1 ever sold. The owner bought it fresh off the factory in 1996 and it’s the 37th chassis. It is 1 of 7 McLaren F1s homologated for the US. It has its original silver paint…

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McLaren F1 maintenance cost McLaren Videos 

Replacing the Tires on a McLaren F1 Costs $50,000!

Supercar ownership can be expensive. Even the regular service bills of a Ferrari or Lamborghini could go in thousands. Maintaining an exotic can easily burn a hole in your pocket but have you ever wondered how much it costs to maintain a $10 million-plus McLaren F1? Bruce Weiner is an entrepreneur based in Atlanta. He has a collection supercars and has in the past owned a 1994 McLaren F1. It had received a full service when he bought the car and even the consumables like the tires were in good condition….

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McLaren Hyper-GT-BP23-Supercar-Rendering McLaren News 

McLaren Hyper-GT to have more than 1000 Horesepower?

All eyes were on the McLaren 720S as it was launched at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Behind the scenes, Autocar sat down with McLaren boss Mike Flewitt to know more about the McLaren Hyper-GT. So, here’s what we know so far. The McLaren Hyper-GT will be an exclusive supercar that will sit above the Ultimate Series. It will be a homage to the legendary F1 and will offer a three-seat layout like the iconic supercar. That said, McLaren does maintain that the Hyper-GT will be less of a track…

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McLaren F1 Top Speed Run-Andy Wallace-Ehra-Lessien-Germany McLaren Videos 

VIDEO: Unseen Footage of a McLaren F1 reaching Top Speed

The McLaren F1 was the world’s first hypercar. The first road car capable of reaching speeds in excess of 230 mph. Although it was way ahead of its time, it took special courage to go anywhere near its top speed. Andy Wallace was the man who hit Vmax in McLaren F1 about two decades ago. Now, McLaren has released the never-before-seen footage of the top speed run from Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien Proving Ground. The F1 reached a Vmax of 391 km/hr or 242.9 mph which averaged to 240.14 mph. As Andy…

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mclaren-f1-crashed-in-new-zealand-3 McLaren News 

McLaren F1 Crashed in New Zealand

A 1994 McLaren F1 crashed in New Zealand during a supercar event organized by McLaren Automotive Asia Pacific. The multi-million dollar supercar owned by 65 year old Australian was part of a group of 30 McLaren exotics that were present for the event. The driver lost control of the 627 hp McLaren F1 and crashed into a roadside ditch. Excessive use of the throttle could be a reason for the crash, given the tire marks left on the road. That said, the drive has been charged for careless driving and…

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mclaren-hyper-gt-mclaren-f1-successor-teaser-sketch McLaren News 

McLaren Hyper GT “BP23” Hypercar Confirmed

It’s real folks! McLaren Hyper GT has just been confirmed. It is the McLaren F1 replacement that was being rumored all this while. Also, like the legendary McLaren F1, the new McLaren Hyper GT will be have space for three. So, McLaren is bringing back the F1 in the form of a modern and futuristic concept code-named BP23 (Bespoke Project 2- three seats). It is being built by McLaren Special Operations (MSO)- the skunkworks within McLaren. The company just confirmed its existence and now it’s just a matter of time until…

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Rowan Atkinson's McLaren F1 Celebrities McLaren News 

Mr.Bean is selling his McLaren F1

British comedian Rowan Atkinson who is famously known for his love for fast cars is reported to be selling his Mclaren F1. This is the same car that was crashed to bits sometime back and was then restored to former glory but not before Rowan paid a hefty bill. The plum-colored Mclaren F1 has done 41,000 miles and has been one of his favorite cars from his garage. Mclaren F1 was the first supercar to reach speeds upwards of 240 mph and only 106 were built. No wonder then, the asking…

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Mclaren P1 McLaren News 

McLaren P1 GTR with 1000 PS is in the making

McLaren has committed itself to a new track-car program on the same lines as F1 GTR of the past. The McLaren F1 GTR was a track-focused F1 with numerous improvements over the road car. In a similar fashion, the new McLaren P1 will receive extensive upgrades to create the P1 GTR. It is kind of McLaren’s answer to Ferrari XX program which also allows its customers to own a track-only version of their flagship supercars. Now, McLaren has disclosed more about the P1 GTR which is to pack 1000 PS…

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