McLaren 720S-crash-Las-Vegas-Corsa-Rally-2018-1 McLaren News 

McLaren 720S Destroyed en route Las Vegas during Corsa Rally

It is hard to believe that someone survived this McLaren 720S crash. A McLaren 720S crashed heavily near Las Vegas yesterday. Reports suggest that the 720S was part of the Corsa Rally. These images posted by @dailydrivenexotics indicate that the crash must have been quite violent. The McLaren 720S is based around a carbon monocoque. The structure appears to have survived the impact and thus saved the occupants. While the exact reason as to what caused such a horrendous crash is unknown, speed could well be a factor. The supercar…

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Ferrari 488 GTO-Speciale-leaked-1 Ferrari News 

Ferrari 488 GTO / Speciale is ready to take on the McLaren 720S; Details leaked

Ferrari 488 GTO is coming to take on the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and McLaren 720S. Update: Another image of the Ferrari 488 GTO / Speciale has leaked online. The latest image reveals the car’s front end with its revised front bumper and new bonnet and side skirts. The 488 GTO / Speciale also has racing stripe livery. Image source: @trax_x via Instagram Interesting facts about the new Ferrari 488 GTO / Speciale have leaked online. This information comes from an anonymous source who has shared the 488 GTO’s product presentation…

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mclaren-720s-is-the-perfect-antidote-to-an-800-hp-dodge-viper-acr-in-roll-race-121820-7 Dodge McLaren Videos 

Dodge Viper ACR challenges a Mclaren 720S for a Roll Race

Dragtimes pits an 800 hp Dodge Viper against the McLaren 720S. Dragtimes have been consistently churning out these videos with their Volcano Orange 720S for the past few months. This time around we have an 800 horsepower Dodge Viper ACR up against the Super Series McLaren. The Mclaren 720S has now clearly established itself as the ultimate supercar. From making 775 horsepower on the dyno to humiliating almost every supercar including the Porsche 918 Spyder and the electric Tesla Model S in drag races, the supercar has been constantly surprising…

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McLaren 720S McLaren News 

Road And Track’s 2018 Performance Car Of The Year Announced

McLaren 720S emerged victorious by clinching the top reward in Road and Track 2018 Performance Car of the Year awards. Take a look at the rest of the winners. Ten of the best performance cars that money can buy, duked it out amidst the lush landscape and smooth asphalt of Tennessee and Kentucky for four days before Road and Track picked their big winner, along with the winners in each category for this year’s 2018 Performance Car of the Year. The McLaren 720S gloriously walked away in hyper-slow-motion with the…

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