BMW M2 Competition-leaked-images-1 BMW News 

BMW M2 Competition leaks online; launch soon

BMW M2 Competition will be the most powerful M2 till date. The updated version of the smallest ‘M’ coupe is almost here! Call it a goof or a planned strategy, the Australian website of BMW has posted some handy information about the soon-to-be-launched M2 Competition, which is touted to be a more aggressive and performance oriented variant of the M2 Coupe. The biggest highlight of the BMW M2 Competition has to be its heart – Gone is the regular M2’s N55 engine, as this new model features the same S55…

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BMW M2 Crash-Scotland BMW Videos 

BMW M2 Crashes in Scotland while Leaving Car Meet

Two people were seriously injured when their BMW M2 crashed while leaving car meet in Scotland. The M2 crashed near Midmar in Aberdeenshire on the B9119. A 22 year-old male who was at the wheel of the M2 and a female passenger had to be cut free from the mangled remains of the car. Also see: Corvette Z06 crashed in Michigan The police are investigating the incident and are have appealed for eye-witnesses to come forward. “We are particularly looking to speak to the occupants of a silver-coloured motor vehicle…

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2016 BMW M2 BMW Comparison Porsche 

BMW M2 vs Porsche 718 Cayman S

There are so many sports cars on the market, from the Mercedes-AMG C63 to the Lotus Elise. They really are perfect car for car-lovers who can’t afford a supercar. Nowadays, sports cars are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. The BMW M2 is one the latest in the line of small, affordable yet exciting sports cars. But how does it compare to it’s rival: the Porsche 718 Cayman S? BMW M2 Established automotive manufacturer, BMW, offers many types of cars. But more particularly, they produce mean, aggressive performance cars identified by a single…

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BMW M2 Convertible rendering-1 BMW News 

BMW M2 Convertible Imagined but Definitely not Happening

Here’s what the BMW M2 Convertible might look like. But, before you get excited, let me warn you that an M2 convertible will never see the light of day. came up with this true-to-life rendering of the BMW M2 Convertible. Handling and performance of the M2 coupled with open-top motoring experience sounds like an exciting recipe. Sadly, BMW’s chief engineer for the M2 Frank Isenberg has totally denied any plans of building one. While speaking to Car Advice he said, “there will not be an M2 Convertible. We need…

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