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2018 BMW M2 Competition has an engine from the M3/M4

The new special edition BMW M2 Competition is more than just a few styling tweaks. BMW has been working on a hotter version of the M2 and it’s finally out in the form of the new M2 Competition. Aside from all the usual styling tweaks such as blacked out surfaces, carbon bits and new badges, the M2 Competition has a host of powertrain and structural changes. The most significant of which is the addition of the S55 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine which powers the M3 and M4. In the new M2,…

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BMW M2 Competition leaks online; launch soon

BMW M2 Competition will be the most powerful M2 till date. The updated version of the smallest ‘M’ coupe is almost here! Call it a goof or a planned strategy, the Australian website of BMW has posted some handy information about the soon-to-be-launched M2 Competition, which is touted to be a more aggressive and performance oriented variant of the M2 Coupe. The biggest highlight of the BMW M2 Competition has to be its heart – Gone is the regular M2’s N55 engine, as this new model features the same S55…

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