Ferrari limousine-360 Modena-Los Angeles Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Rental Ferrari Limousine Spotted in Los Angeles

You can now get a tour of Los Angeles in a Ferrari limousine. A yellow Ferrari limousine was posted by effspot on Hollywood blvd. in Los Angeles. It is apparently 1 of 3 limousines based on a Ferrari 360, with one in London and the other in Dubai. Who would ever want to slice open a Ferrari 360 to convert it into a limousine and then offer $59 rides to tourists, I’m not sure. It does have 8 seats, so that’s a bonus. That said, the engine is still at…

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Lamborghini Centenario-Blu Cepheus-LA-2 Lamborghini News 

Baby Blue Lamborghini Centenario Arrives in the US

This is Centenario no.4. The last of the Lamborghini Centenario coupes has been delivered to its owner in the US. The limited edition supercar arrived at Lamborghini North Los Angeles yesterday taking the total number of Centenarios in the LA area to 3. A yellow Centenario was recently delivered in Beverly Hills and not too long ago @dan_am_i took delivery of his exclusive Lambo. The first Centenario to arrive in the US went to a collector in the New Jersey area. Spencer Berke (@thatphotographer) was at the location where the supercar…

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goldRush Rally 9-Los Angeles Videos 

goldRush Rally: 80 Supercars Shutdown Los Angeles

The annual goldRush Rally just concluded last week. On the first day of the event, about 80 supercars took to the streets of Los Angeles as they made their way towards San Francisco. goldRush Rally 9 kicked off from Beverly Hills, LA on May 12, 2017. The gang of supercars then drove to Las Vegas via San Francisco. The route took them all the way to Seattle before culminating in Park City. Salomondrin took part in this year’s rally along with his mates. His rubystone red Porsche Carrera GT was…

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