Ferrari limousine-360 Modena-Los Angeles Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Rental Ferrari Limousine Spotted in Los Angeles

You can now get a tour of Los Angeles in a Ferrari limousine. A yellow Ferrari limousine was posted by effspot on Hollywood blvd. in Los Angeles. It is apparently 1 of 3 limousines based on a Ferrari 360, with one in London and the other in Dubai. Who would ever want to slice open a Ferrari 360 to convert it into a limousine and then offer $59 rides to tourists, I’m not sure. It does have 8 seats, so that’s a bonus. That said, the engine is still at…

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Bugatti 16C Galibier sedan Bugatti News 

Plans for Four-door Bugatti Sedan Back on Track

According to Bugatti top boss Wolfgang Durheimer, the premium brand is evaluating a new model line to add to their portfolio including a Bugatti sedan. Speaking to Autocar, Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer said:  “At present, I am following up four strategic ideas. The Galibier is one. I can’t talk about the others.” Bugatti currently manufactures the Chiron hypercar at its assembly unit in Molsheim, France. Unlike the Chiron which will be built in limited numbers, the new model line will see considerably high volumes. It clearly means that Bugatti is trying to branch…

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2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Aston Martin News 

Aston Martin Lagonda headed for limited production

Now, for some news from Aston Martin and it’s good news, if you live in the Middle East and if your first name is ‘Sheikh’. Aston Martin has confirmed a limited production run of the much talked about Aston Martin Lagonda. This new premium luxury sedan will be available exclusively for the Middle Eastern markets and will be built in small numbers starting in 2015. The limited production and exclusivity means prices would be far higher than considered affordable and Aston Martin is perhaps aware of the fact that the…

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