Aston Martin Valkyrie-Kris Singh-Moon Dust paint-1 Aston Martin News 

Kris Singh’s Aston Martin Valkyrie will have actual Moon dust in its paint

Kris Singh’s Aston Martin Valkyrie will be painted in Karosserie Lunar Red containing actual Moon dust. Indian American businessman Kris Singh has placed an order for an Aston Martin Valkyrie. He recently revealed the spec of his new supercar on Instagram. It turns out, Kris’ Valkyrie will be truly unique. The car will be painted in Karosserie Lunar Red specially blended with actual Moon dust – a rare rock from the Moon will be ground to a fine powder to create this paint! Apart from the otherworldly paint, the rest of…

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Pagani Huayra Macchina Volante-Kris Singh-lamborghiniks-5 News Pagani 

Kris Singh Reveals Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante

Kris Singh (Instagram: @lamborghiniks) will soon take delivery of his Huayra BC Macchina Volante. It’s a one-off commissioned by the wealthy supercar collector. Also see: @sparky1888 takes delivery of his Pagani Huayra BC Kingtasma Kris has been putting out images of his upcoming Pagani on Instagram. In one of his posts, he explains the thought behind the Huayra BC Macchina Volante. The design is influenced by a number of Pagani supercars from the past and the present. The engine bay cover is from the Zonda Cinque and the scoops on…

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pagani-zonda-ufo-kris-singh-2 News Pagani 

Kris Singh Adds Pagani Zonda UFO to his Supercar Collection

Kris Singh (@lamborghiniks) has commissioned a new supercar. It’s the Pagani Zonda UFO and yes, it’s another Zonda whose production actually ended back 2011. However, there’s something special about the Zonda that makes Horacio Pagani build more of these. Since its early days, the Zonda has received numerous upgrades both on the outside as well as under the bodywork. The Pagani Zonda UFO is based off the latest, most extreme roadster chassis. The most striking feature on the Zonda UFO is the massive rear wing and a distinct shark fin….

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Kris Singh's Koenigsegg Agera XS-2016 Pebble Beach-6 Koenigsegg News 

This is Kris Singh’s Koenigsegg Agera XS

Koenigsegg Agera XS and Regera will be presented at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concourse later this week. The Regera as you know is the next-gen hybrid hypercar that uses a revolutionary hydraulic coupling in place of a usual transmission. The Agera XS is a special edition model based on the Agera RS and we know who has ordered it. Kris Singh (Instagram: @lamborghiniks) has specially commissioned it to his liking. It is painted in Karosserie Orange – an intense orange finish with diamond-dust metallic effect and a clear carbon centre strip. The interior…

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Lamborghini Veneno- Kris Singh Lamborghini Videos 

Kris Singh takes delivery of Lamborghini Veneno

This is a video of one of very rare cars on the planet being delivered to a rather famous petrolhead. Lamborghini has built just three examples of the Veneno each costing upwards of $3 million. All three are unique in the sense each one gets a different color trim from the Italian tricolor. Kris Singh’s Lamborghini Veneno has a green pinstripe which he loves because “green has been an original Lamborghini shade”. St. Louis Motor Cars got behind the task of importing and delivering the car to Kris’ garage. The…

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Valentino Balboni with Kris Singh's Veneno Roadster Lamborghini News 

Valentino Balboni poses beside Kris Singh’s Veneno

Valentino Balboni is the greatest Lamborghini test driver and an ambassador for the Italian marque. He even has a car named after himself- Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni and here Valentino can be seen posing besides an exclusive and rare supercar. It is also quite green. Kris Singh is the only person in the world to own two Lamborghini Veneno supercars. The company only built 13 of them, out of which a coupe and a roadster sit in Kris’ garage. He also got them custom painted. The green car featured here…

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Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Celebrities Lamborghini Nissan 

Kris Singh and his Lamborghini Veneno obsession continues

Kris Singh had been in the news recently when he took delivery of his bespoke Pagani Huayra LaMonza Lisa. This rich car buff also owns a list of other, highly exclusive supercars including the Lamborghini Veneno and an Aventador LP720-4 Anniversario. Now, there are just three Venenos in existence and out of the 100 Anniversario edition Aventadors built, Kris has one. Also see: Kris Singh’s Pagani Huayra ‘La Monza Lisa’ crashes in Miami  Kris is very active on Twitter and Instagram and that’s where he usually discloses his plans of…

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Pagani Huayra News Pagani 

Kris Singh challenges LaFerrari owners to a race

If you are having sleepless nights thinking who would win if a Pagani Huayra, LaFerrari and a Mclaren P1 are pitted against each other on a race track, then you could be rewarded with a race between this supercar trio very soon. Kris Singh, one of America’s richest men recently bought a bespoke Pagani Huayra and he has now challenged LaFerrari, McLaren P1 owners in the states to a race. Kris’ Huayra or ‘La Monza Lisa’ will take on the two best hybrid supercars in the world in a never-done-before…

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Kris Singh receives his Pagani Huayra News Pagani 

Kris Singh takes delivery of bespoke Pagani Huayra

Kris Singh has taken delivery of his Pagani Huayra. His latest acquisition was first snapped by Prototypezero and has since then been the talk of the town. The unique Pagani Huayra was spotted in Miami sporting bare carbon fiber bodywork and liveries from the Zonda Revolucion. The personalized license plate on his Huayra reads “Pagani” which is a nice touch. This is also the first of the “special edition” Pagani Huayras called the ‘Huayra Le Mona Lisa’. The interior of Singh’s Pagani Huayra seems to be a combination of black…

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Pagani Huayra News Pagani 

American billionaire Kris Singh wants a Pagani Huayra

American billionaire and an avid car collector Kris Singh is keen to add yet another expensive exotic to his garage. This time, Kris wants a Pagani Huayra which comes with a price tag of USD 1.3 million and that’s before you get to the customization options. He recently purchased a Lamborghini Veneno, one of only three ever made which cost him upwards of USD 4 million, so getting hold of a Huayra wouldn’t be much of a fuss. [Update: Kris Singh has taken delivery of his unique Pagani Huayra- read…

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