Ken Block-Pikes Peak-Climbkhana Videos 

VIDEO: Ken Block takes on Pikes Peak in Climbkhana

Recently, Ken Block went to Pikes Peak, not with the intention to break Sebastien Loeb’s 2017 record though. In his latest video titled – Climbkhana, Block takes on one of America’s most iconic road courses in his 1400 hp Hoonicorn Mustang. Also see: Terrakhana – Ken Block takes gymkhana off-road The Pikes Peak hill climb course is 12.42 miles of unbroken asphalt twisting its way up a 14,000 foot mountain. Drifting around this piece of tarmac comes with its own set of challenges which Block discovers first hand at about…

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Terrakhana-1 Ford Videos 

Terrakhana: Ken Block takes Gymkhana Off-road

Ken Block’s latest driving stunt video is as crazy as you’d expect. His latest video titled- Terrakhana is not set in a big city like London, Dubai or Los Angeles. He is taking gymkhana off-road and that has brought him to Swing Arm City in Utah. This time, Block is in a 600 hp Ford Fiesta ST RX43 doing his usual antics. Watch Gymkhana 9 video here. Terrakhana: Ken Block takes Gymkhaha off-road

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forza-horizon-3-winter-expansion-pack-blizzard-mountain-focus-rs-rx Ford News 

Focus RS RX from Gymkhana 9 in Forza Horizon 3 Winter Expansion Pack

Forza Horizon 3 Winter Expansion Pack will be released on December 13 adding a brand new area to the map along with new weather, terrain and of course, additional vehicles. For the first time, players will be able to race up Blizzard Mountain where the warm and dry weather of the Outback gives way to a snow and ice- an ideal place to perfect that Scandinavian flick. Turn 10 Studios has added 8 new vehicles including the Ford Focus RS RX from Gymkhana 9, 2016 Nissan Titan Warrior Concept, classic…

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gymkhana-9-feat-ken-block-in-a-2016-ford-focus-rs-rx Ford Videos 

Gymkhana 9 Feat. Ken Block in a 2016 Ford Focus RS RX

Gymkhana 9 by Hoonigan Media Machine is out. Featuring Ken Block in a Ford Focus RS RX rally cross machine, the video is set in a less glamorous location this time around. Gymkhana 8 was shot in picturesque Dubai, while the one before that was shot on the streets of Los Angeles. This time they’ve chosen a disused industrial complex in Buffalo, New York. Ken Block uses a different machine each year. For Gymkhana 9 he chose his latest rally cross machine- a heavily modified, 600 hp, all-wheel drive Ford…

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Ford Focus RS RX-4 Ford Motorsports Videos 

Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS RX: Behind The Scenes

Ford Performance built a special rallycross car for Ken Block this year. Dubbed Project RX, the new Ford Focus RS RX was co-developed by M-Sport and Hoonigan Racing. Ken Block is at the wheel of an all-wheel drive, purpose-built monster during every FIA World Rallycross event and it’s hard to believe that it is based on the new Focus RS road car. Ford Performance is giving us a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes when it comes building the ultimate Rallycross weapon. It is a four-part documentary…

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Ken Block gives the Ford Focus RS RX a Shakedown Ford Videos 

Ken Block Gives the Ford Focus RS RX a Shakedown

This year, Ken Block will race in the FIA World Rallycross in a brand new Ford Focus RS RX. Watch the video as Block give his new rallycross car a thorough shakedown. The new car based on the Focus RS and replaces the old Fiesta RX rallycross machine. On the outside, the Focus RS RX looks pretty similar to the road car. But, underneath the bodywork is an engine that makes 600 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque and it’s all-wheel drive. Performance figures a mind-bending- 0-60 mph in 2…

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Matt LeBlanc Filming Top Gear with Ken Block in London -2 Car Shows News 

Top Gear: Matt LeBlanc, Ken Block Filming in London

London woke up to the sound of the 845 hp Hoonicorn Mustang recently. Ken Block was in town to shoot an episode of new Top Gear. Also see: Chris Evans reveals new Top Gear team Matt LeBlanc was seen filming alongside Ken Block with the Tower Bridge providing a perfect Gymkhana-style backdrop. While, we are all excited about new Top Gear, commuters in London however were apparently annoyed as various roads were closed down to facilitate filming. New Top Gear is expected to be aired in the month May in…

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Ken Block drifting Hoonicorn at Silverstone Motorsports Videos 

Drifting Lessons with Ken Block

Autocar got a chance to catch up with Ken Block who widely popular around the world for his hooliganism on four wheels. Now, Ken Block gained popularity for his insane gymkhana videos where he can be seen sliding his rally car and pulling off wicked drift angles in the process. But, how does he manage to drift an all-wheel drive car with such ease? Well, Autocar’s Matt Prior had the same question in mind when he met Ken Block at Silverstone. Eventually, Ken did oblige and allowed Matt to hop…

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Ford Focus RS at Goodwood Festival of Speed Ford Videos 

Ford Focus RS Makes Goodwood Festival of Speed Debut

The Mustang Shelby GT350R was’nt the only cool Ford at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Ford Focus RS also took part in the hill climb event with Ken Block at the wheel. To read more about the new Ford Focus RS, its 300+ hp EcoBoost engine and Dynamic Torque Vectoring All-wheel drive system click on the link. Ken Block drives Ford Focus RS at Goodwood Festival of Speed: Source: Ford Europe via Youtube Hot Focus RS ready for Goodwood Festival of Speed:

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Ken Block at Ford Focus RS launch Ford Videos 

Ken Block interviewed by at Focus RS launch

Gymkhana ace Ken Block was present at yesterday’s press event and launch of Gen-3 Ford Focus RS. As revealed in the press release, Block had been a part of the development team at Ford on the Focus RS project. His expertise was roped in to fine tune the dynamics of the car.’s Gustav Traff got the opportunity to have a quick chat with Ken Block post the launch. In the following video, Ken talks about the role he played in the development of the new Focus RS along with…

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