McLaren P1-curb crash-Cars and Coffee-Malibu McLaren Videos 

McLaren P1 scrapes the curb while leaving Cars and Coffee in Malibu, CA

McLaren P1 owner’s Cars and Coffee outing doesn’t as he’d hoped for. A McLaren P1 attending Cars and Coffee in Malibu, CA was damaged after the driver scrapped the carbon bodywork on a curb. The following video shows the McLaren P1 pulling out of a parking spot when the driver misjudges the turn and hits the curb. Luckily, there was help on hand. Jay Leno happened to be attending the event and can be seen in background, sort of supervising the guys trying to recover the vehicle. The carbon skirt…

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Jay Leno-2017 Ford GT-Garage Celebrities Ford News 

Jay Leno Reviews his 2017 Ford GT

Jay Leno’s Garage just released a full-length video of his all-new Ford GT. Take a closer at Jay Leno’s spec as gives us a tour of his new Ford and later takes it out on the road for a quick review, as is the tradition. May 24, 2017 Jay Leno is among the first few people to have received their new Ford GT. His 2017 Ford GT was recently delivered to his garage. The avid car collector will certainly give us a tour of his new supercar as part of…

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McLaren P1 McLaren News Videos 

Jay Leno’s McLaren P1 is the best car he’s ever driven

Tonight Show host Jay Leno was among the very few lucky people to get delivery of their McLaren P1. McLaren has committed itself to make just 375 units of the P1 hybrid hypercar which replaces the legendary McLaren F1. Gone is the naturally aspirated V-12 engine and the ridiculously cool central driving position. Instead, the McLaren P1 uses a twin-turbocharged V-8 and a hybrid power delivery system. Earlier, Jay Leno went to England to try the P1 on the Top Gear test track where it was developed. We could see…

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