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[Update] Ryan Tuerck Teases Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86

Scroll down for the latest update video¬† Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck is building a what he calls a JDM supercar. It is a Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 which should be quite a handful. Donut Media has released a teaser video of the insane build which involves plonking a 4.5-liter V8 from a Ferrari 458 into a Toyota GT86. We can’t wait to find out more. The short teaser reveals a completely stripped down GT86 monocoque. Soon, it will receive a 562 hp Ferrari V8, completely transforming the JDM machine. The Ferrari…

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2017 Toyota GT86- 2016 NY Auto Show-2 New York Auto Show News Toyota 

2016 NY Auto Show: Toyota GT86

The Scion FR-S may be dead but its twin- Toyota GT86 lives on. The 2017 Toyota GT86 will debut at the New York Auto Show next week. Toyota pulled the plug on Scion and with that the sporty, rear-wheel drive FR-S was relegated to the history books. However, you can still buy it albeit with a Toyota or Subaru badge on it. For 2017 Toyota has given the GT86 a much needed facelift. New headlights and tail lamp clusters now have integrated LEDs. A completely redesigned front bumper features a…

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