Ryan Tuerck drifting his Ferrari-powered Toyota GT4586 at Willow Springs Ferrari Toyota Videos 

VIDEO: Ryan Tuerck Drifting a Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT4586

Last year, Ryan Tuerck spent his spare time building a Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86. He called it the GT4586. The car’s first outing was at SEMA where it was showcased to the world. While the build was complete, the only thing missing was a shakedown. Now, for the first time, the pro-drifter has taken his Ferrari-powered GT4586 to a race track. The concept of plonking a¬†Ferrari V8 into a Toyota GT86 sounds insane. But the team clearly pulled it off as the following video demonstrates. Ryan Tuerck drifting a Ferrari-powered Toyota…

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Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT4586- 2016 SEMA Ferrari Videos 

How Much Does a Ferrari 458 Engine Cost?

Remember the Toyota GT4586 that Ryan Tuerck built for 2016 SEMA? Yes, that’s the one with the Ferrari 458 engine. Wonder how much he paid to get hold of a Ferrari 458 engine? Read on to find out. Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota GT4586 was a dream project which was finished just in time for the 2016 SEMA show. The highlight of the car is the front-mounted Ferrari 458 engine. After numerous late nights and a lot of complex fabrication work later, the GT4586 was ready for the bid day. Vibrant Performance…

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