Ferrari FXX Evoluzione-crash-Monza Ferrari Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari FXX Evoluzione crashes at Monza

A Ferrari FXX Evoluzione crashed during a private track day held at Monza in Italy. It was a damp morning and grip levels were low, especially in the braking zones. The driver locked up braking into turn 1 and spun across the track. The supercar then skid off the racetrack and slammed into the barriers. While the car suffered major damage to its front end, the driver reportedly escaped unscathed. The action starts at 6.22. The Ferrari FXX Evoluzione is the successor to the Enzo-based FXX and the father of…

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Ferrari FXX for sale at Amari-1 Ferrari Supercars for Sale 

World’s Only Road-Legal Ferrari FXX is for Sale at Amari

It doesn’t get any rarer than a Ferrari FXX. Especially, this one. It’s the only road-legal Ferrari FXX in the world out 38 track only supercars built by Maranello back in 2005. Now, the world’s only street-legal Ferrari FXX is for sale at Amari and can be yours. What is the Ferrari FXX? The Ferrari FXX is based on the Enzo and was built between 2005-2007. It’s the predecessor to the LaFerrari FXX K and was never meant to be driven on public roads. However, just one of the 38…

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Ferrari FXX at Top Gear test track Ferrari Videos 

The Stig Laps Top Gear Track in a Ferrari FXX (Video)

After the exit of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Top Gear would not be the same. The world famous trio however, have left behind The Stig with BBC. We would certainly won’t see a LaFerrari vs Mclaren P1 vs Porsche 918 review at the hands of the old TG team, but we can expect a supercar similar to the Ferrari FXX to visit the Top Gear test track in the future. This is an old video from Top Gear of The Stig taking a Ferrari FXX around the…

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Ferrari LaFerrari Ferrari News 

LaFerrari XX race car to use F1-derived Turbo-V6?

Owning a Ferrari is not cheap. Buying the Maranello stallion is one thing, but maintaining it could get quite expensive. While we dream of owning at least a cog that makes up these brilliant super cars, there are folks with enough cash to enroll themselves into the exclusive XX program. As part of this, avid enthusiasts get to own a highly specialized track-only Ferrari. Ferarri takes care of your car all the while which also remains in their custody. Basically, you ask them to drop the car off to a…

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