Ferrari F430- Lamborghini Gallardo-Crash Ferrari Lamborghini Videos 

VIDEO: Ferrari F430 Crashes in to Lamborghini Gallardo

A Ferrari F430 crashed into a Lamborghini Gallardo at an event recently. The Lamborghini was stationary while it was being re-fueled. It was a rainy day and the tarmac was wet. The driver of the Ferrar- locked up is brakes and skidded into the Gallardo. Apparently, the Ferrari was being driven by a “professional driver”. While, the impact was quite substantial, damage cause to the bodywork of the supercars can be fixed albeit at a hefty cost. The following video was shot by Alex Grey and was uploaded by Youtube…

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Ferrari gold digger pranks never get old-1 Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari Gold Digger Pranks never get old

  Ferrari gold digger pranks are everywhere on the internet. This latest one involving a Ferrari F430 tries to document whether a Ferrari really attract women. That’s not something new but hey, it’s at least entertaining. Also see: Ferrari 360 Modena is no chick magnet- by Doug deMuro   These gold digger pranks sometimes do succeed at highlight the terrible psyche of some folks in our society. In the following video you will see some interesting characters. While, some are just too excited to see a Ferrari while others are…

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Ferrari crash caught on tape-3 Ferrari Videos 

Ferrari Crash Caught on Tape #3

Today we bring you a rather tragic story of a guy who rented a Ferrari and then crashed it. The incident was recorded on a mobile phone camera. In the following video, the person with the camera is riding in an Audi R8 with a scarlet Ferrari F430 in front of them. Both supercars can be seen cruising down a winding road at about 50 km/hr just before the Ferrari driver loses control and hit the barrier hard. The front of the Ferrari gets ripped off, however the complete extent…

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Ferrari F40 at Mille Miglia 2014 Ferrari News Videos 

Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia 2014

The Mille Miglia is a motoring event of great historic significance. This year’s Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia consisted of 20 classic Ferraris and 45 modern sports cars and thoroughbreds from Maranello. Enthusiasts were also treated to the sight and sound of two LaFerraris as they raced along the set route of the 2014 Mille Miglia. On the first day of the race, all the cars took part in a parade in Brescia before taking to the road en route to their next parade event at Verona. The cavalcade passed…

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